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Several TM/Typo Domains Removed from Frank’s Feed

Posted on 23 May 2011 by Andrei

If this trend continues, then it will be clear to everyone that Frank intends to say no to typo/TM traffic and that would be a great thing IMO. According to, about 1,000 domains have been removed from Frank Schilling’s feed yesterday. Only 2 domains are “out” today and that’s how the trend has been since the project went live, so that makes me think that yesterday’s 1k domains have been removed by Frank and not by the domainer who owns them (the same domainer btw, privacy was used for all of ’em).

Here’s a small “sample”:

What do you guys think? Would removing all typo/TM domains (Frank doesn’t work with a lot of domainers since you need a LOT of traffic to be accepted, so enforcing such a rule would be fairly easy) be a good thing for the industry?

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  1. mellow Says:

    Are the stats from dailychanges trustable?If they are it looks like a nice resource which I never knew before..

  2. Andrei Says:

    @mellow: yep, it’s a pretty decent tool 🙂