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Time to Say Goodbye to GoDaddy Discount Codes…

Posted on 01 August 2015 by Andrei

… for now, at least.

Unfortunately, GoDaddy is no longer being generous with coupons. Only managed to find two and even those might only work for new accounts rather than existing ones. Oh well, c’est la vie. Perhaps later on, GoDaddy will decide to once again offer discount codes. No idea.

For now, here are the two coupons in question:



Should things change, I will once again start writing my weekly GD coupon posts. But based on the vibe I’m getting, it seems GoDaddy’s generosity has run its course for now. If you guys come across coupons which actually work, shoot me an email at and also contact me if you find out about similarly generous promotions from other registrars. I’d like to thank for being an excellent coupon source as well as all of the readers who have shared coupons via comments and emails.

The cheap bastard in me will never give up, I’ll find awesome deals to share with my readers or die trying 🙂

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  1. Ken Says:

    I believe many of the GD codes DO work, but ONLY for accounts that have NOT previously used GD TLD specific codes.
    Example: If I am NOT logged into GD and enter some of the .com codes the “code price” WILL show up (which tells me the codes are still VALID). However if I than log into my account there will be a red message at top stating quote: “Some of our best offers are limited to one per customer and it looks like you’ve already used one.” Remember if a GD code is expired / invalid it will SAY so in that red box, so if you get that above message it means the code IS valid, you just can’t use it because you have used a similar code in the past.

    In addition NON-TLD specific codes, ie a XX% off NEW purchases still appears to work for various purchases (including TLD purchases, but excluding the $2.99+$14.99 two year .com deal. etc).

    As a result, I believe many (like normal) of the GD codes are STILL valid, they simply are blocking the “double dippers” from using them. So can you or I use most of those codes NO, but anyone that hasn’t used those codes recently in all likelihood could still use them.

  2. Bennet Says:

    I totally agree with you Ken,
    GD coupon now applies to only new accounts.
    If you already have an account then non of their codes will work.
    I have lots of coupon codes,but only works on new accounts.

  3. Ken Says:

    I think the requirement is only the account has NOT used tld-specific codes before, regardless of wether the GD account is new or old.

    However as I said previously PERCENTAGE off New purchase codes STILL WORK. 🙂

  4. Ruben Couto Says:


    I’ve recently used this code and it gives a minor discount: rev10

    Best regards!

  5. Joseph Slabaugh Says:

    I just create a new account, and register the names for 99 cents, then push them to the main account.

  6. Bennet Says:

    how safe is this practice ? 🙂

  7. Joseph Slabaugh Says:

    I’ve done it for a while, so it seems OK…