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Would You Consider the Sale of GoDaddy Good or Bad News?

Posted on 25 June 2011 by Andrei

I like GoDaddy and currently have about 1,000 domains with them. I love their prices as well as their support and honestly hope that things will never change for the worse. Unfortunately, based on my experience when it comes to the hosting industry, the sale of a great company (oh and btw, the GoDaddy sale is anything but final, Bob Parsons still owns GD) is usually NOT good news if you’re a customer and here’s why:

1) The new buyers usually cut costs and this can have obvious consequences when it comes to let’s say support, for example.

2) What if the new buyer decides to focus on “retail” domain services and drop “domainer prices” (coupons, special deals and so on) altogether?

3) In most cases. the company that gets sold stops running like a well-oiled machine. The examples in the hosting industry speak for themselves, from small company sales to “blockbuster deals” such as Softlayer getting bought by ThePlanet. When it comes to registrars, the situation would be similar IMO.

As a customer, I honestly hope Bob Parsons decides to keep GoDaddy but if he doesn’t, then we’ll just have to accept that and hope for the best.

What about you guys?

Would you consider the sale of GoDaddy good or bad news?

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  1. LB Says:

    Parsons shouldn’t sell in this economy, I don’t think he will

  2. Michael Says:

    I really don’t like Bob Parsons as Goddady face but I do like what he has done to the company and the whole domaining industry

    Hopefully new owners will keep the same direction and won’t increase prices or reduce quality of service.

  3. jrb Says:

    I think if it sells it would be bad.

  4. JX Says:

    they will do both, increase prices and reduce services.
    private equity firm is the new owner, its what they do.
    They’re not here to be your friends, they’re there to cut costs and increase prices and cash out at a much higher price tag.

  5. Bob Says:

    Bob Parsons is a total scumbag and the reason i do not use GD, I can cope just fine without GD in my life, if the sale goes through and i never hear about Scumbag Parsons again, then i will be happy, although i doubt it as his ego and constant need for attention will not allow him to just fade away.Shame

  6. ygf Says:

    I think Bob Parson is a genius! It would be bad for me. With all of the other online changes coming I would probably stay off line forever. Online can be one big scam after another. $185,000.00 (gtld) is crazy and unfair. Once again we leave out the poor and powerless so the people with $185,000.00 will be able to bilk them with cheap (gtlds)later.

  7. atul Says:

    It would be bad.

  8. Earl Naegele Says:

    The known in this case, is better than the unknown, IMHO.

    Like him or hate him, Bob Parsons has created a tremendous amount of media attention to domain names, which is good for everyone.


  9. Logan Says:

    Makes no difference to me — I don’t care much for GoDaddy’s website or services. Any remaining domain names I have there, I’m moving over to

  10. DomainingMojo Says:

    Selling GD will be a bad move. These new owners will lack Bob’s vision and leadership.

    The new owners will probably make many changes. Noneless, they can consider sharing the profits made in drop auctions.

  11. John Says:

    I don’t like Godaddy anymore.
    In the last few months they made changes and now it’s hard to get any help from them and if you call them you have to wait forever on the phone before they answer.
    I am moving all my domains to

  12. aeroporika eisitiria Says:

    why should they not just keep up with whatever godaddy was doing since it was profitable? why should they ruin something that works so nice?

  13. LBJ Says:

    I worked for GoDaddy sometime back and was let go. No hard feelings as I left with a smile and a hand shake and moved to a much better run place. I have no remorse….Bob himself was a decent enough guy knew how to market the place and really had some good guys working for him. A lot of his upper managers were the issue as they thought small and was scared of getting out of the mom and dad type operation.

    I myself always thought GoDaddy was company that was for sale. At the time that I was there Bob only owned one building and the rest were leased. Which to me means firesale someday take the money and run. Not sure what will happen with the good people but for sure Bob’s upper manager’s need to go. The place can be a bigger gold mine with the right mind set. Good Luck!!


    they will do both, increase prices and reduce services.
    why should they ruin something that works so nice?

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