The most likely new TLD’s to sell themselves

Posted on 15 March 2019 by NamePros Daily

Today: Ai (artificial Intelligence) names selling / The deal with VR .com’s and’s / sold for $4,000 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today!

Looking to buy a few English 1-word names in .io, .net and .co – Do you have any English 1-word names in .io, .net and .co you would sell for up to $500.00 each? If so, check out this buyers specified criteria.

Buying pronounceable .com’s – Budget: Up to $500.00 – Be sure to check your portfolio for one of these pronounceable .com’s if you need some quick capital. This buyer looks ready to do business.

Pricing Strategy – Higher commission / Higher sales price – Does your pricing strategy work like this or are you using a different strategy that works better? Compare notes with other domain investors. sold for $4,000 – That’s not a bad nine-letter, two-word, .com domain name sales report for a mid-four-figures. do you think it should have sold for more or less than what it sold for?

The deal with VR .com’s and’s – Hey, do you know what the deal is with vr and cannabis related .com domain names are? Take a look at what other domain investors think the deal is.

Ai (artificial Intelligence) names selling – Are you investing in AI (Artificial intelligence) related domain name assets? Sold any yet? Check out what other Ai domain investors are saying about the market.

The most likely new TLD’s to sell themselves – How close have you been following the new TLD markets? This discussion is about the top new TLD’s that domain investors think are good investments because they sell themselves, without much effort.

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