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The First New gTLD I’ve Seen “In The Wild” In My Country :)

Posted on 16 June 2016 by Andrei

For the first time since new gTLDs have been released, I’ve actually seen a local business use one in my little Eastern European corner of the world. I was driving and noticed the site being advertised on a red transportation car. Of course, I took a picture (well, my wife took it), for your viewing pleasure:

Yep, I was driving today and noticed a red transportation car. Upon closer inspection, it seems it had its phone number + URL written on it.

The interesting thing is that the domain isn’t a particularly “good” one.

It’s Alin Dorin Tur Dot Site, where Alin and Dorin are first names and Tur obviously means Tour. So it’s kind of like “John Mike Tour Dot Site” to give you an English example.

The most interesting thing for me is that the dot com as well as the dot ro (local ccTLD) versions are available as we speak. Yet they chose to go with a dot site.

So, this situation marks two “firsts” for me:

1) the first time I’ve seen a new G in my country

2) the first time I’ve seen someone use a new G when the dot com is available (as well as the local ccTLD in this case)

Very, very interesting.

I for one don’t like new gTLDs from a domainer perspective, there are better place for my money IMO.

However, I’m sure that as time passes, end users will start adopting them. Again, this doesn’t make them good investments for domainers (as can be seen, the domain I’ve shared today isn’t exactly one domainers would find interesting) but awareness will without a doubt increase as time passes.

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  1. Michael Says:

    The first new gTLD I saw in Romania was, they’re a meal delivery service and we’re obsessed with them 🙂

  2. YamadaMedia Says:

    What is the average price for .RO domain?

  3. Andrei Dobrescu Says:

    In my opinion, in some countries, companies just have no idea what domain and extension is better. They probably bought .site because it´s cheaper, not because they are concerned with their clients (to have a domain that is easier to remember by clients)

    I´m living in Portugal and here we have the same problem.
    People buy long instead of short .pt or .com (that are available for reg)

    But, yes, it´s interesting seeing some companies using the new extensions.

    Andrei Dobrescu

  4. George Says:

    Show me a company that is using a gtld and I will show you a company that is clueless as to marketing, SEO and the monetization of valuable internet traffic.

  5. Eric Lyon Says:

    Nice find. It’s always nice to have a picture of the sightings as well. I think it’s still going to be a few years before consumers embrace businesses using the new gTLD’s. However, if companies continue to market their website with new gTLD’s like this, it could potentially speed up the process.

    I started to advertise a .Works several months ago, but the responses I got from potential customers had me back off my campaign. They just weren’t ready for it and expressed concern that the site might not be legitimate or secure due to the unfamiliar extension.

    I may have just approached it wrong. I’ll be looking into doing another campaign test in a month or so to see if things have changed any.

  6. YamadaMedia Says:

    Stick with what .works @Eric. 😀

    What was this campaign for?