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TRAFFIC Las Vegas Auctions Taking Place Tomorrow – Scout’s Honor :)

Posted on 29 May 2013 by Andrei

Made a mistake yesterday when I said the auctions will take place today, good thing Conan and Shane spotted the mistake and told me they will take place on Thursday (so tomorrow).

Just thought I’d write another post to clarify this.

The auctions will take place tomorrow and as mentioned yesterday:

There will be no online bidding but if you’re not in Las Vegas, you can pre-bid as well as place bids via phone or text. Contact if you want to bid but aren’t in Vegas, their entire inventory and more details about tomorrow’s event can be found here.

There are lots of domains that will be auctioned without a reserve which is a very good thing in my opinion, including domains such as for which the $ will be donated to the Internet Commerce Association.

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  1. Conan Says:

    Many people asked Rick in the comments on his blog if the auction would be streamed online. He has not responded yet.
    I have my domain in the auction. It would be great to watch the auction online 🙂

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