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Submit Quality Domains Priced to Sell or Kindly GTFO

Posted on 09 May 2010 by Andrei

My inbox has been flooded with submission requests for but the thing is, I ended up saying no to most domains for one simple reason: there are only 8 spots available each day and I’m only willing to list the best of the best. I’m only accepting investment grade domains and here’s why:

Win-Win or No Deal

This has always been my way of doing business and it works, plain and simple. Let’s assume that I’m willing to accept crappy domains, here’s what would happen:

1) People would assume that is a place to liquidate crappy domains, which it is definitely not and that will never change

2) I wouldn’t make enough money for running the site to be worth it on my end

3) The people who buy the crappy domains would not be able to sell them because… well, because they suck

On the other hand, here’s what would/will happen if I only accept investment grade domains:

1) People would understand that only accepts domains which are actually worth it

2) I’d make more money

3) The people who buy the domains would be investing in something which has a lot of value and as a result, they would end up making a lot of money in the long run

I’m sick and tired of the never ending cycle of crappy domain sales. Beginners buy awful domains, try to sell them for a lot of money, fail and as renewals come close, they try to liquidate and at least get some of their money back until they actually find a sucker. Then another beginner buys them and he or she also fails, rinse and repeat. That has to stop and is here to help: let’s all take a deep breath, see things as they are and make some money!

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  1. nmwando Says:

    So does this mean I can’t submit hehehe

  2. BUyer Says:

    A lot of the good domains are held hostage by the early birds who set high asking prices. Hard mission getting them to budge on price. That’s one of the problems with domains.

  3. Xdreamer Says:

    I agree with this, as it’s better to spend $5000 on a good domain than buy hundreds of domains you don’t renew after payment. I made mistakes neglecting quality but then you are stuck with domains you don’t want and neither other investors who earlier probably made mistakes like this.

  4. Nick Says:

    Stick with this idea of yours and don’t chase the easy money!

  5. Luke Webster Says:

    Maybe you can do some auto screening like BargainDomains does? Set the qualifiers that you desire to auto screen out that garbage. Maybe you already do something like this?

    Luke Webster |

  6. brian k Says:

    Only except good domains for sale and it will pay dividends in the future.
    No one wants to waste time looking at crappy names for sale.

  7. tman Says:

    Don’t make compromises, that’s the only secret.

  8. Luke Webster Says:

    A compromise would be .MX, .ME, .MOBI and other at this point in time pointless TLD’s & ccTLD’s…

    Luke Webster |

  9. nmwando Says:

    Luke, I hope you are not putting .mx in the same category as .mobi, it’s a big ccTLD with plenty of upside. Mexico is right next to the US, a powerful country. To a mexican, .mx is a lot better than even .com not to mention the others.

  10. Luke Webster Says:

    Yes I do maybe a bit lower as .mobi has had some 6 digit sales. OK for real what he is trying to do with his auction site is generate quality. Look at .mx sales/auction history… It speaks for itself. I do think that it has a place and will carve out a niche. I may pay 100 bucks for something like MotoCross.MX or just because I have investment in those areas and the MX is a cross over like US or IN…

    I would have to disagree that “To a Mexican, .mx is a lot better than even .com not to mention others.” but thats just me and I am a bit crazy like that =).

    Luke Webster |

  11. nmwando Says:

    .mx is still a new name space that has its value based exactly on the market it serves. About .mobi, there’s not much to say. It’s a worthless tld because mobile content can be loaded on .com just as easily, it has no market.

    You really can’t compare cctlds to .mobi, any cctld of any large country. Just look at the recent .mobi sale and compare them to the sales right after the big hype hehehe

  12. nmwando Says:

    Let’s meet here again in a few years and see where .mx and .mobi are, agreed? Maybe we’ll all be replaced by robots by then but at least we’ll know we were both wrong if that happens 🙂

  13. Victor Says:

    Tell me about it!!

  14. self certification mortgages Says:

    They are selling domains but not really an aftermarket selling platform for the masses like Sedo. Those listed above target other pros, passing names back and forth. Sedo is the only platform that draws a nice share of endusers as well. That is why they have pulled so far ahead. By the way, all pros started as amateurs.

  15. self certification mortgages Says:

    I’m open to all TLDs at this time. Because this is my first all domain sales newsletter we will have some trial and error. I’ll list some TLDs to see if there is any interest, if not then we’ll cut it back to .com, .net and .org.

  16. self defense weapons Says:

    I am not sure about that but you should try help on the site. sorry i was no halp. but i think that wwill help from the site.

  17. electric underfloor heating Says:

    Look at .mx sales/auction history… It speaks for itself. I do think that it has a place and will carve out a niche. I may pay 100 bucks for something like MotoCross….

  18. Jack Corchado Says:

    Hey, there’s more to metalheads than long hair — they’re always working on their craft.

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