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Some “End Users” Just Want to Pick a Fight

Posted on 30 June 2014 by Andrei

Unfortunately, not all end users are reasonable. Quite frankly, some of them will be the exact opposite and if you’re not careful, you’ll end up wasting time/energy with them that could/should have been spent more wisely.

Yes, some “end users” just want to pick a fight.

I used brackets because they’re not actually end users, as in people who are genuinely interested in acquiring a domain. Instead, they just want to lash out.

Don’t make the mistake of wasting time with them.

Just don’t!

The warning signals are usually obvious.

If they start *demanding* that you justify your asking price or your business model, you’re most likely better off politely telling them that the negotiation is over and leaving it at that (no other replies).

If they seem to have an overly aggressive attitude or start being too aggressive as of a certain point, consider doing the same thing.

If they take things one step further by using derogatory terms, the best approach would be not replying altogether in my opinion. Don’t even tell them that the negotiation is over, simply refrain from replying.

Now you might be asking yourself

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