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Seems Is Doing Well, Congrats Mike!

Posted on 09 October 2015 by Andrei

I’ve exchanged emails with a domainer today and for the first time, I’ve noticed him using for his portfolio site.

As some of you know, Mike Cyger announced his involvement in Efty not so long ago, he’s done a lot for the industry and I really hope he will do well with this venture.

… and it seems he is!

I’m glad people are starting to use Efty and wish him all the best.

Now sure, coming across an Efty site once isn’t that much of a big deal but it does prove that people are starting to use it. Hope this post will help him get some more exposure because he deserves it.

His interviews are awesome, what he’s doing together with the other sherpas is equally awesome and in my opinion, we have to support those who provide value.

If you can, help Mike spread the word by telling others about his project.

If we as an industry don’t genuinely support those who make it great and take everything for granted, we’re not really that much of an industry and the incentive to share will gradually decrease.

Let’s not let that happen 🙂

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  1. Rod Says:

    While Mike is the man, as a beta user of efty since the early stages who has provided a whole lot of feedback, I have to give kudos wish Doron Vermaat. He deserves the credit. He has been incredibly responsive and really made efty into something special that keeps rolling out new great features. All of my domains have efty landers (moved from dns) and I ditched my personal portfolio site and have it linked to my efty portfolio page.

    Love efty and I upgraded to lifetime member after the beta.

  2. Doron Vermaat Says:

    Thanks for the shout out Andrei! We’ve had hundreds of users like Rod that have been with us since private or public beta and who helped us built Efty into the tool it is today by providing amazing feedback and ideas and we will continue to listen to the ideas and suggestions from the influx of new users to further improve the software.

    Rod, thanks for the kind words and your support. We have many more exciting features planned for the next few months.