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Quick Decisions – Yes or No?

Posted on 24 February 2013 by Andrei

As a domainer/entrepreneur, I often have to make quick decisions. That’s great/exciting and everything but the thing is, after being used to a lifestyle which involves making quick decisions, you tend to believe you can do this when it comes to everything else.

That, in my opinion, is dangerous.

I’m good at investing in domains, I’m good at running businesses.

Therefore, when it comes to these two things, making quick decisions isn’t all that difficult. After doing something for a long time, you tend to be able to make decisions quickly. Some people call it instinct, some people call it gut feeling, whatever.

But I’m not as good as I am at domaining/running businesses when it comes to other things.

If someone pitches an offline business opportunity you have no experience with, I’m not sure making quick decisions is a great idea. It’s a mistake I’ve made on more than one occasion: making quick decisions when it comes to aspects I’m not familiar with.

When it comes to these aspects, trusting your instincts/gut feeling might not be the best approach.

Instead, be humble, acknowledge that you can’t be an expert at everything and act accordingly.

Start researching, ask people who are more experienced than you for advice and most importantly, leave your pride/ego aside because if you don’t, it’s only a matter of time until you’ll end up making painfully bad decisions which will ultimately end up costing you.

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