Why plurals kill value

Posted on 07 March 2018 by NamePros Daily

Today: Registered “A Product” .com Domain…. Now what? / Blockchain.ventures sold for $42,000 / Teppich.tv sold for 2,200 EUR! / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

ThePetYard.com – Maybe a directory of parks for assorted pets? Or possibly a kennel and pet sitting service? If you had to appraise this domain name, what would you appraise it for?

BitSoft.io – Now that’s a cool name, but not too sure how it will fair as a .io. It might do well. What do you think?

Leica.com.au – Now, why a 2nd level domain name and not a top level? Once you drop to level two the value drops with it in some cases. What would you value this domain at?

Registered “A Product” .com Domain…. Now what? – If you invest in product domain names and have experience in the niche, maybe you can lend a helping hand and see if you can direct this investor down the right path.

Blockchain.ventures sold for $42,000 – BAM! Now that’s a nice five digit sale for a new gTLD. Where are all the naysayers now? Just goes to show that even new gTLDs can turn a good profit.

Teppich.tv sold for 2,200 EUR! – Yet another four digit .tv ccTLD sale being reported. You have to love how strong .tv has become and maintained over the years.

Why plurals kill value – I’m not sure I agree with that statement. If it’s a search-driven campaign being developed on the domain asset, it makes sense to go with what people would search for more and it happens to be plurals. What do you think?

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