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Next Week’s New gTLD General Availability Phases

Posted on 29 June 2014 by Andrei

If I’m not mistaken, the General Availability period for 4 new gTLDs will start next week:

Dot Fish
Dot Services
Dot Vision
Dot Report

… the date will be July 02 in all cases.

As a blogger, covering these launches is very frustrating for two reasons:

1) in a lot of places, the dates are inaccurate

2) most new gTLDs have a ridiculously poor marketing campaign or even no marketing campaign whatsoever

Normally, if you’re a company that wants to sell a product (a registry that wants to sell new gTLDs in our case), you should make sure that at least your core audience (domainers in our case) knows when the product in question starts being available.

Let’s face it, domainers currently account for a *huge* percentage of new gTLD registrations and without domainers, new gTLD shareholders/investors (those who funded the new gTLD registries and expect those businesses to do well) would probably be on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Yet despite this fact, most new gTLD registries don’t reach out to domain investors.

I honestly don’t understand such a business model but c’est la vie.

I do my best to let you guys know about the most important dates for each new gTLD but do your own research as well because for the reasons outlined in this post, it’s quite likely that I’ll make mistakes every now and then.

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  1. page howe Says:

    why registry dont care of their message gets out correctly

    1- they really dont believe in what they are selling, so its passive aggressive land, if you want it we will make it available.

    2. they wont even admit they are selling something, they stop at we are meeting an unmet need, but what if there is no demand, they never factored in they would have to sell a product.

    3. hopefully uninformed people will pay up for names that they dont need, and pay extra fees

    4. its the registrars’ job

    5. they arent selling enough names so they dont/wont ever have customer service, they hide behind, “we dont deal with the customer”. were more of a wholesaler

    6. they dont have any money from new registrations to promote or market, but they dont want domainers to get the best names they want end users, but they dont want to spend money on endusers. so they are scared of “giving” away anything to domainers, but would if the customer was an end user that would build

    7 a lot of their system dont work so they cant handle the stress of rollouts, land rushes, tiered pricing, TRADEMARK approvals etc

    8 the registrars and customer are still digesting last weeks rollouts

    9 they are afraid of success, what if a bunch of people registered our tld, then we would have to maybe promote it… and oh yeah they dont want to – see .guru

    10. they arent doing well so they are now placing all their hopes on the small few domains in auctions

    page howe

  2. Leonard Britt Says:

    Good luck to the new XYZ registrants trying to sell their freshly-registered domains for five figures on

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