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New gTLD Case Study, Update #4: Dot XYZ

Posted on 06 June 2014 by Andrei

In my second case study update, when I referred to my development plans for Stocks.XYZ (landrush domain), I also told you guys that I got some general availability domains but since I wasn’t sure what my final list looked like (one of the domains went to auction), I decided to only write about them once I know the outcome of the auction.

The auction in question hasn’t ended yet but since the bidding reached a level that’s in excess of what I’m willing to pay for the domain, I’m out and can therefore share my final .xyz acquisition list.

I set up “domain for sale” landing pages on each domain and will be asking for $1,880 a pop. The terms on the left of the dot are very strong, so I think $1,880 is a reasonable end user price.

Here are the domains in alphabetical order:










9 domains which, together with Stocks.XYZ, bring my dot XYZ total to 10.

Dot XYZ has the lowest renewal fee out of all new gTLDs I’ve bought, so all in all, I’m quite happy with the “very strong term on the left of the dot + low renewal fee” combination.

At this point, I have 34 new gTLD domains (the 10 dot XYZ ones mentioned today and 24 other new gTLD domains).

I’ve set up “domain for sale” landing pages on 33 of them and will turn the other one (Stocks.XYZ) into a megasite (I own, check out the video on the site if you’d like to see what megasites are all about).

This is the 4th update of my new gTLD study, be sure to also read the previous three when you get a chance to.

Here they are:

Update #1

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  1. abc Says:

    Do not forget to buy also some .mobi it will suit very well…

  2. Andrei Says:

    @abc: if it were possible to buy strong one-word domains in dot mobi that represent a good fit for the extension (I don’t consider dot mobi a general extension but rather one suited for mobile-related terms) at regfee (for example, I’d do it.

  3. Leonard Britt Says:

    Just to get you thinking, what sort of business can be developed (i.e. how can a potential buyer monetize them to justify your asking price; what are the margins on their products/services?) on these names? Also keep in mind that with any alt TLD a significant motive for buying a domain in a non-.COM extension is because the price expectation is lower. With .XYZ one should not set unrealistic prices. Note that while I have not yet registered any new TLDs I am tempted on .CONDOS but have not yet done so. On the other hand I did reg some .COM.CO (Colombia) domains recently ($20 each at Godaddy).

  4. Says:

    All of them are available in dot com hand reg for .99 cents


  5. Antoine Says:

    Just picked up:

    guess the market is still open even though 31,000 have been registered.

  6. Andrei Says:

    @Leonard Britt: I agree that new gTLDs should be priced aggressively and that the strategies which represent a good choice for an excellent dot com (one worder, LLL and so on) don’t apply. At this point, I’m gathering data and prices will be adjusted based on my findings on the one hand and based on the data other domainers will gradually share on the other. what you’re saying about the dot com makes sense for niche new gTLDs such as the one Leonard mentioned (dot condos). In that case sure, the fact that is available at regfee should make you think twice before regging City.Condos.

    The same principle however doesn’t (in my opinion) apply to general gTLDs such as dot XYZ, dot Link and so on. It’s kind of like saying that isn’t a good domain because is available at regfee.

  7. William Says:

    You have some great names there. Don’t let the people stuck in the .com era dissuade you, the prices are bargains for those names. Also, buying the version of the keywords is not very bright. No one suggests getting’s or’s.

    There are some very good reasons that businesses may show a preference for .xyz over .info and .net. Owning .net and .info basically says your company couldn’t afford the .com. Owning .xyz or another new extension could be seen as a way to position a company as new and cutting edge. XYZ may not be perfect, but it’s generic and people will easily remember it.

    Domain investors care about a domain names pedigree. End users buy the best way they can afford for their customers to connect with their website. is much much better than and half the price.

  8. Joe Says:

    While I respect your point of view, IMO you just wasted some precious money. The keywords are not strong enough to counterbalance the extension, which is meaningless. In such a TLD only a bunch of superpremium keywords like Casino, Sex, etc. have (little) chance to sell.

  9. Says:

    Not true. It matters if the XYZ names are available for hand registration in dot com.

    Some mentioned yesterday that people should forego the dot in the XYZ entirely, when pronouncing it; that it sounds better.


  10. Says:

    both taken.

  11. William Says:

    I do think that once the .xyz extension is common enough that people know it exists people may choose to drop the “dot” when saying it. Xyz is an obvious break and so people will likely say “Publishing xyz” rather than “Publishing dot xyz”. This is different than com, net and info where the loss of the dot could create confusion.

    How fast did people pick up on hashtags? Now my facebook is filled with #dumbcraphashes. The gtld’s will be the same. People will understand and use them faster than they adopted .com because they already get the general idea of how it works.

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