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New gTLD Case Study, Update #3: Dot Social

Posted on 04 June 2014 by Andrei

I’m pretty pleased with the dot social domains (10 of them) I was able to get today:

Loans.Social + Lending.Social + Borrowing.Social

Social lending will in my opinion be receiving more and more exposure, I think the domains represent a good fit for the dot social extension. My asking price for Loans.Social will be $2,880, whereas I will be asking $1,880 each for Lending.Social and Borrowing.Social.

On each of the three landing pages I have set up, I am mentioning all 3 domains along with prices and am offering discounts if the end user purchases all three or two of them.

The Lending.Social + Borrowing.Social pair is priced at $2,880, whereas the Loans.Social + Lending.Social + Borrowing.Social trio is priced at $4,440.

Bookmarks.Social + Bookmarking.Social

Self-explanatory, everyone knows what social bookmarking is.

The asking price will be $1,880 each or $2,880 for the pair.


Companies can and should take the social feedback they’re receiving seriously, will be asking $1,880 for this one.


Contests that go viral and generate social media buzz will most likely be more and more common, my asking price will be $1,880.


Companies frequently feature special offers on social media platforms, Offers.Social would be a good domain for an aggregator or “offers of the day/week/month”-ish website. My asking price will be $1,880.


So many companies screw up royally on social media platforms that social reputation services have a bring future 🙂

My asking price will be $1,880.


The Internet is getting better and better at helping people find answers and the “social answers” (provided by members of a community rather than by the person running a certain website) concept is here to stay. My asking price will be $1,880.

I set up a simple “this domain is for sale” landing page on each domain, feel free to visit one of them if you want to take a look. Nothing fancy by any means, just a simple landing page with the price and a few details.

Some of you might not be able to see the landing pages yet due to DNS propagation-related issues (the NS have been changed about two hours ago) and as far as Loans.Social is concerned, it doesn’t appear in my account yet, so I haven’t been able to change the NS.

I used the same landing pages as in my first case study and if you’ve missed my second update, here it is. That’s it for now, will post another update when I have something relevant/important to report.

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  1. Leonard Britt Says:

    What are renewals on .Social? Given the large number of new options which will become available in 2014, when registering new TLDs I would suggest one be VERY careful to ensure that what is left of the dot REALLY REALLY makes sense with what is right of the dot. With .COM you have a lot of flexibility but with a TLD that end users don’t know exists, it will be challenging to market such names.

  2. Alan Says:

    I picked up:

    for $24.99 at

    Hoping to flip em…….

  3. Raymond Says:

    Just bought:


  4. Andrei Says:

    @Leonard Britt: they’re all standard renewal domains, I’m expecting a $25-ish renewal fee.

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