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New GoDaddy Coupon – $1.18 per Domain

Posted on 17 March 2011 by Andrei

There’s a new coupon for $1.18 domains in town! As always, only people who pay via credit card can use the coupon and it’s NOT limited to dot com domains (it’s easy to determine whether or not the coupon works for a certain tld, all you need to do is use it when checking out after trying to register a domain). Let’s get right down to business, the brand new GoDaddy coupon for $1.18 domains is “GETLUCKY”: have fun!

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  1. epoxy Says:

    Is this active yet? Not working for me…

  2. viqi Says:

    does not work for me. It does add the WebSite Tonight Economy free trial.

  3. Andrei Says:

    @epoxy and viqi: I think the coupon only works for new customers (new accounts).

  4. Joe Says:

    Unfortunately it’s reserved to new customers.

  5. epoxy Says:

    lame code…

  6. kandyjet Says:

    Thanks for the aleart! as we cannot use the code since we are old custommers, then we can atleast aleart some one elase to create an account 😉

  7. Steve Jones Says:

    Didn’t test it out before posting it to confirm it was only for new accounts?

  8. party lighting rentals Says:

    where can i bought them? is anyone tell me?

  9. Dziadosz linen Says:

    Really like your website. Thanks for sharing

  10. SCANNER GEEK Says:

    I just tried to renew and it didn’t work.

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