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My Goals for 2013

Posted on 30 December 2012 by Andrei

For me (and most likely many others), 2013 will be a year of consolidation when it comes to my businesses as well as my activity as a domainer. I’ll be launching *one* new project in early 2013 and that’s pretty much it. Putting all of your eggs in the same basket is a mistake but then again, so is spreading yourself too thin.

As far as my businesses are concerned, I’ll be focusing on:

1) I won’t be satisfied until most domainers, the overwhelming majority, have an account at Everyone needs hosting and at only $0.98/month, the deal just can’t get any better. The year is almost over but my offer is still valid: all of the revenue generated from new shared hosting customer until the end of 2012 will be donated via Kiva. To place an order, click HERE.

2) my article writing business has been live for several years, even before launching and I never increased the prices. We charge a mere 2 cents/word, all of the writers are from the US and if you want to place an order, contact us through the website’s contact form or send us an email (

3) The project I’ll be launching in early 2013.

As far as and are concerned, I will be selling them in early 2013. A lot of time, money and passion has been invested in them, they have a flawless reputation but I’m only human and they deserve to be run by someone who has considerably more time than me. Finding a good home for them will be one of my top goals for 2013.

Since my reputation is associated with these two projects, the last thing I want is to deal with the headaches associated with selling them to someone who will make me look bad. If you’re interested or have a potential buyer in mind, contact me ( for more information. The new owner has to be a respected domainer, I don’t want to risk selling my babies to someone who isn’t able to achieve good results because it would ultimately make me look bad and we can’t have that haha.

On the domaining front, my strategy for 2013 will be similar to this year’s strategy and for most domainers, 2013 will most likely be a year of consolidation. I’ll also keep my 3% commission brokerage offer valid, not doing it for the money to be honest because it’s not exactly an amazing deal for me but I like to be “out there”, I like to communicate with other domainers and that’s my main motivation. But please, stop submitting low quality domains, the 3% brokerage offer is my way of helping those who want to sell their best domain(s) at reseller prices.

That’s pretty much it, I love to keep things organized and 2013 will definitely reflect that 🙂

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  1. Jim Says:

    You want to sell auction pus to someone who can make it successful n can’t sell to someone who may fail that also applies to u u also failed even u tried hard so what if new buyer try hard n fail ?

  2. Andrei Says:

    @Jim: Auctionpus has been *very* profitable as well as well-advertised. We rented the huge Namepros banner, we had paid sticky threads at DNF and Namepros, we had lots and lots of campaigns and so on. Pretty much everyone knows about Auctionpus, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

    Not sure if you remember but the platform had some very consistent sales early on. To keep it successful, you have to invest time and that’s why I’m selling it.

    Ideally, the new owner should be someone who can make Auctionpus his/her #1 priority. The site is very well put together, it has a flawless reputation and a track record of consistent sales. But it has to be run by someone who has more time than me.

    The day only has 24 hours and I’m only human, that’s why I decided to focus on my service businesses that are interconnected (hosting, articles + the new project I have planned for 2013) and sell Auctionpus + MiniEscrow. Maybe both of them will be sold to the same person or maybe they’ll be sold individually, I’ll make the final decision after discussing multiple scenarios with a few potential buyers.

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