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Moniker’s Extended T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction

Posted on 29 October 2009 by Andrei

The extended auction has “officially” started a few moments ago, a LOT of domains are available as of this point. Enjoy the hunt!

Here’s a link to the auction: (owned by yours truly) is one of the domains featured at Moniker’s extended auction. CLICK HERE if you’re interested in placing a bid.

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  1. Xdreamer Says:

    Rick Latona made the most money with the live auction, I wonder who will win this time around. Moniker has more domains but it depends on how well the auctions will be advertised by Rick Latona and Moniker.

  2. Byteno Says:

    There are some very good domains at both, we’re fortunate to have competition driven by quality. May the best man (or auction :)….) win!

  3. nmwando Says:

    Snapnames was running slow earlier today, hopefully that’s because there are too many end users knocking on their door, you never know! Wishful thinking at this stage but a few years from now, this may very well be the norm.

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