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The March 2010 GreatDomains Auction – Results

Posted on 27 March 2010 by Andrei from deserves all of the credit for this list, thanks a lot! This month’s grand total: $163,901. Here are the domains which have been sold:

Domain Price $99,000 $10,599 $10,501 $10,100 $4,000 $2,950 $2,550 $2,100 $1,850 $1,550 $1,450 $1,200 $1,050 $1,050 $950 $858 $800 $750 $735 $668 $620 $613 $562 $553 $551 $509 $500 $499 $499 $499 $462 $420 $420 $411 $400 $390 $310 $232 $210 $200 $110 $80 $70 $70

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  1. LB Says:

    I hate using this term but this time there really were plenty of bargains.

  2. Xdreamer Says:

    It surprises me that even with their bad new design, they still had close to 200,000 in sales and that in a period when domains generally don’t sell so well!

  3. DomainNameTruth Says:

    These sales prove that short domains are the most liquid assets right now as well just like they have always been. I am not thrilled about short domains, at least not as thrilled as other people but I can’t deny that they are liquid and not to mention some of the few domains which can at least be appraised.

  4. nmwando Says:

    And what’s wrong with short domains? I like them and so do end users

  5. DomainNameTruth Says:

    I didn’t say there’s something wrong with them, I just don’t like them because I don’t think they’re the cream of the crop. I don’t invest in them unless they are practically given away but if others want to, who am I to stop them?

  6. Trance Says:

    wow… price for some of domains it’s OMFG. I like short domains, and I think it’s comfortable for users…

  7. 126 Says:

    I’ve subscribed, fantastic website

  8. Barry Says: