Looking for 1-word domains Less than 7 Characters

Posted on 09 May 2018 by NamePros Daily

Today: Wanted: One word .com or .net / Parking Domains Lead to Google Blocks / Appraise CurrencyRack.com / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Google Says .app Domain Helps Apps Get Discovered – How accurate is this? Do you think that it’s true? Maybe the .app extension is favored because the search engine owns it?

MomsClubhouse.com – If you had to put a value on MomsClubhouse.com, what would you appraise it for?

Parking Domains Lead to Google Blocks – Have you ever experienced one of your parked domains being blocked Google simply because you parked it?

Casino.cf – We see single word “Casino” domains selling in various extensions for $500 to $1k+ all the time. Does this .cf ccTLD have any value?

Appraise CurrencyRack.com – It sounds catchy enough, but is it worth anything? What would you appraise this domain asset for?

Wanted: One word .com or .net – Do you have anyone word .coms or .nets in your domain portfolio? Check out this buyer specified buying criteria to see if yours qualify.

Looking for 1-word domains Less than 7 Characters – Be sure to double check your portfolio for one of the single word domain assets under seven characters. This buyer is ready to invest.

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