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Let’s Not Get Carried Away

Posted on 14 August 2015 by Andrei

As the owner of Stocks.XYZ, I’d be very happy if .XYZ domains go up in value significantly and I think the Google Alphabet thing will have a noteworthy impact on .XYZ domain values but not due to mass adoption. Instead, I think that just like with Dot IO, the price jump will come from startup/tech world adoption. Nothing more, nothing less.

A lot of domainers are not very good at drawing realistic conclusions.

If Google would have decided to move the actual search engine to ABC.XYZ then sure, mass adoption would have been facilitated. People use the search engine each and every day, so one plus one equals two. Them registering and using ABC.XYZ in the manner in which they’ll actually do it however will not generate mass adoption. Yes, the news received MASSIVE exposure (even in publications from my country) but people have ridiculously short attention spans.

They read about something today and forget tomorrow.

If you don’t continuously remind the average Internet user of something, you shouldn’t expect the information in question to stick. Until .XYZ domains end up being used for huge sites that people visit each day, expecting mass adoption would be foolish.,,, these are all Google sites that hundreds of millions of people visit each and every day. ABC.XYZ won’t be one of them.

Should the ABC.XYZ news make us optimistic when it comes to Dot XYZ domain values?

In my opinion yes, it should but not for the wrong reasons.

Therefore, I’ll end this post with its title: let’s not get carried away 🙂

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  1. European Says:

    . XYZ is in the process of becoming one of the few officially recognized domain extensions in CHINA.
    They have submitted their application to the Chinese ministery of industry and information technology ( MIIT ) according to their website ” GEN.XYZ ”

    Waiting for that to become a reality cause i’ve got a couple of meaningful NUMERICS and PINYIN waiting for my Chinese ” friends ” knowing that they’ve got some EUROS to spend.

    My focus is NOT on English dot XYZ – words.

  2. Lonely in Reality Says:

    I wouldn’t expect any huge paydays from sales to China, which has a savvy and future outlook that many don’t appreciate. In the U.S., Chinese entities (aka China) have vast ownership stakes in everything from the national debt to land to pork. China doesn’t need anything from the rest of the world – and the increasing number of security breaches attributed to sources in China or Russia reveals how weak and dependent young America is; there has been no innovation or entrepreneurship or invention or brilliance. Rather, the young and the lazy have broken off pieces of what once were jobs done by one person (the older segment of the US workforce still does these jobs, as do the few Reality-based, perceptive “grown-ups” who’ve been independent their whole lives out of necessity and are still under 30, perhaps 20), and depend on handouts from companies that – for the time being but likely not forever – must SEEM like they care and want to turn their offices into Disneyland so as to not suffer from the ever-fickle, social media slag that are easier to manipulate if pacified (relative to what I guess should be called the passive-submissive-complaint-cooperative). This is tough to watch because some of these lessons can’t be learned from experience without forfeiting the chance to try again with the knowledge that everyone who ever praised you was using you and that genuinely resourceful and intelligent people don’t give up when the button stops working (nor are they content to not consider what’s behind the button).

  3. Anunt Says:

    only real winner here is the registry owner…

    .xyz domains are worthless…

    so let’s not get carried away…

  4. leonard britt Says:

    We also have to keep in mind that the vast majority of domains are held by investors. So when supply grossly exceeds demand in 2013 and then you add thousands of new tldls keywords dot new tld has no meaningful value. There are too many additional options to believe that in the near future end users are going to spend serious money on them.

    Again. Net has been around for thirty years and how many five figure. Net sales do you see on DNJ weekly? How many are registered?

  5. Snoopy Says:

    It is .us, .info, .mobi, .co all over again where they have one piece of “big news”. Good for the registry but I wouldn’t expect it to last long for domainers.

  6. Says:

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