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Let’s Assume I Want to Invest in .Blog Domains…

Posted on 07 November 2016 by Andrei

As Konstantinos pointed out earlier today, those who want to buy good .blog domains don’t just have to cough up a huge upfront fee, they have to pay the fee in question each and every year.

Yaaaaaay! /sarcasm

Alright, so let’s assume I want to invest in .blog domains.

Perhaps some geo .blog domains… let’s say Berlin.Blog. Great domain, right? Sure and it can be yours for the low, low fee of $140,000: hurry, get it now while you still can! Oh and in case you were wondering: yes, you have to pay $140,000 each and every year to keep it. Glorious deal!

But hey, maybe I was too picky. Let’s go with a much smaller city instead, Bakersfield.Blog for example, a city with ~370,000 inhabitants. The cost of the domain? “Just” $700 upfront and then $700 each year.

Maybe a smaller city? BatonRouge.Blog, perhaps? Nope, exact same price: $700 upfront and then $700 each and every year.

What if you don’t want geos and want juicy generics instead?

Well, Konstantinos did some searching for us: $125,000 per year $125,000 per year $125,000 per year $125,000 per year $125,000 per year
mobile. blog $125,000 per year $12,500 per year $12,500 per year $6,250 per year $6,250 per year $6,250 per year $2,500 per year $625 per year

… I’m sure I don’t need to say more.

Now, of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t make money with .blog domains.

Perhaps you can spend all day searching and find names that slipped through the cracks but seriously, it should be crystal clear that the odds are stacked against you… to put it mildly.

Quite frankly, here’s how things stand:

1) the very, very best terms are registry reserved

2) even the very best terms (only one “very”) are either unavailable or priced at “maybe if I win the lottery” levels

3) the best (no “very”) domains are priced at levels at which even deep pocketed end users would raise an eyebrow

4) good domains (not spectacular by any means, names such as Bakersfield.Blog or carry premium pricing which makes the likelihood of generating profits low

5) decent domains might be available at the regular regfee but since with all of these new gTLDs, people have an ocean of options, is settling for “decent” new gTLDs such a great idea? Especially in light of the fact that even the “non-premium” registration and renewal fee is 3x higher than with dot coms?

Once again, just like in pretty much all other cases, I have to say that from a domaining perspective, Dot Blog is a head scratcher for sure.

6 Comments For This Post

  1. Raymond Says:

    If i want my own Raymond.Blog – $1152.75 / yr
    RaymondChai.Blog – $267.79 / yr


    I rather use

  2. Adam Says:

    Most of the pricing on these premiums make not logical sense. New domains are mostly stupid anyway.

  3. Pradeep Says:

    What the hell!!!!!. Why anyone will buy new gtld with so much high price. I think owner of .blog has no price sense..

  4. Anunt Says: – $27.99 at godaddy

    Rick, you better buy it before i buy it

  5. Raymond Says: $182,457.96 at Godaddy

  6. Andrei Says:

    @Raymond: only $182,457.96 for Wow, what a bargain!

    You shouldn’t have posted the domain here though, other domainers might beat you to it :))