The most ironic domain registration

Posted on 17 March 2018 by NamePros Daily

Today: The fastest way for a new domain investor to make a profit / Domain Investing Looks Easy… / Just SOLD CryptoCorp .com for $16.5k / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

GEO Domains wanted – Be sure to double check your portfolio for a geo domain name that fits these buyers specified criteria. They might even buy all the ones you have in your portfolio.

Dropping .tv’s – What is the best and fastest drop catching option when it comes to catching .tv ccTLDs before anyone else can grab them? – Sounds like a personal site development or blog for someone that collects skirts. Is there any value in personal projects like that? What would you appraise for?

The fastest way for a new domain investor to make a profit – Share the best strategy you have adopted over the years to turn a fast investment into cash with very little investment capital.

Domain Investing Looks Easy… – Did you think domain investing looked easy when you first started out? Do you still think domain investing is easy?

Just SOLD CryptoCorp .com for $16.5k – Wow! Chalk one up for five-figure cryptocurrency domain name sales! This should keep the crypto-niche investors motivated.

The most ironic domain registration – Have you ever hand registered a domain name and then later realized the irony in what you did? How often does that happen to you and what was the most ironic domain you registered?

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