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Posted on 24 May 2011 by Andrei

That’s pretty impressive, I don’t care who you are. According to, has 92,057 domains at the moment of writing, with a gain of 19,041 domains. I’m sure all of you will agree that 100k is an easy target for tomorrow and I’ll go ahead and list the TOTAL number of domains for a few very well-known parking companies:

BODIS.COM – 133,132
TRAFFICZ.COM – 172,678
WHYPARK.COM – 238,034
PARKED.COM – 457,131
FABULOUS.COM – 581,330

As you can see, most parking companies managed to secure a 6 figure number of domains after years of activity, while managed to do it in a week.

If you think that what’s happening does not affect you, you’re wrong. Even if you won’t park your domains via Frank’s feed, you will have a lot to gain whenever a new player that puts higher payouts on the table emerges because if Frank’s results will be consistent, the market will do its thing and competitors will have two choices:

1) lose their top customers
2) increase payouts

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  1. Wang Says:

    Going to be exciting to watch this happen.

    My earning go up so much with Frank and his

  2. OuMun Says:

    On average, what’s the % increase you got in revenue comparing to your previous parking services?

  3. Just me Says:

    Trickle-down hasn’t worked in the past, and I really don’t think it will in this instance either. Apparently, has a pretty steep threshold for participation. And if you can’t get in, then there’s really no new competition. No new competition means no incentive to raise revenue share. It’s like ethanol causing a movement in gas prices; it never happened because there was so little market penetration that it had no effect.

  4. Andrei Says:

    @Just me: do you really think that parking companies will just stand there and say goodbye to their top clients? If Frank’s results will be consistent, then that’s exactly what would happen unless competitors increased payouts as well. Why would you keep sending company A your traffic if company B (in this case pays considerably more?

    In my opinion, if’s results will continue to be very good, parking companies will need to reorganize everything in order to be able to compete with Frank: less employees, less overall expenses and so on. If that happens, then they will gradually be able to offer better payouts (less expenses = more room for payout increases) and it would be only a matter of time until smaller portfolio holders would also make more money.

  5. Domain Lords Says:

    Not really, how many does schilling own? 300K or 500K or something like that.

    All those domains and none are traffic sites, that’s why the alexa for is minor, it had a one day peak and it’m back to YAWN almost nothing if you realize how many domains they have pointing to it.

    Schwartz is testing it with

    Now that he’s using Schillings BS java code, will soon fall off the serps at google, then it will have a fraction of the traffic it had. Yes it’s a type in, but most type ins that had development to page one at google, get way more traffic from google then type ins.

    So for now, Schwartz has the benefit of his old development team on, they had it on page one, now he will fall from page one serps at google and then, his alexa on will show the big drop.

    Then everyone will realize why you don’t want Frank Schilling and his BS java code on your domains, GOOGLE BANS THEM IN PAGE ONE SERPS usually.

    So let’s all watch a Schwartz asset fall on google and his alexa and then he will be pulling the site from Schillings disaster in progress.

    It’s amazing Schwartz took a half assed developed domain that had page one position on google and gave it to Schilling to DESTROY, so watch as falls from google serps and drops like lead on alexa.

    Then Schwartz will keep it on Schillings deal just to not admit he blew it.

    Note how the ‘domain king’ is now not allowing comments on his site.


    Here’s an article on it

    Our prediction, is anything that had position on google will drop like lead as soon as google sniffs the BS Schilling scripts on the sites.


  6. Just me Says:

    You can try to rationalize it any way you want, but the fact is, parking pages have been dieing a slow death for years. The only real money ever made with parking pages was the result of either arbitrage or fraud. Google and Yahoo consider them as one step above SPAM, and advertisers have abandoned them en mass. Why do you think there is an option to exclude them from advertising campaigns?

    To the point at hand, as I understand it, “Frank” is only working with those holding domains that would generate at least $4K in monthly income. By only working with volume players, his overhead should be a fraction of that of the parking companies – which explains the supposed higher payouts.

    Moreover, any parking companies that do give more revenue share to their “top clients” to keep them from defecting will be taking that revenue from one of two places: (1) their own pocket, or; (2) the pockets of the smaller portfolio holders that really don’t have anywhere else to go. I’m betting it will be the later.

  7. Andrei Says:

    @Just me: as someone who has spent quite a bit of money on AdWords, I can assure you that Google has given people the option to opt out of the domain channel in order to help them optimize their campaigns, the same way it lets them opt out of the content network.

    Some campaigns perform better on one channel, some on another due to all sorts of reasons (advertiser competition, for example). I’ve had campaigns which were profitable on the content network but not on Google search (yes, I paid less for clicks and that’s exactly my point – each channel is different and you need to optimize accordingly) as well as campaigns which generated better results via search partners than search.

    Now as far as parking in general is concerned, competitors can only take money from their own pockets or from those of smaller portfolio holders up until a certain point. If the ~50% revenue increases via Frank’s feed will be consistent, then they will have to up their game and optimize their organization (less staff, less expenses) in order to compete. Ultimately, that’s what will end up having increased earnings for everyone as a result IMO.

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