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I’ll Give You Blogging.Services for Free

Posted on 14 June 2016 by Andrei

It’s no secret that I for one am not a fan of new gTLDs, so I don’t plan on keeping any.

I tried selling Blogging.Services on my newsletter for peanuts in the past and failed, so I decided to give it to someone. The first person who comments on this post with the text “ME” gets it. I’ll simply push it to your GoDaddy account and you have no obligations towards me whatsoever. My only request is that you consider donating something to charity, even if it’s just 10 bucks or so.

If you do decide to donate, email me a screenshot at because if people actually donate and some good comes out of these situations, I’ll do something like this again in the future. Plus, it would be a nice memory for me.

Blogging.Services isn’t a spectacular name but it’s not bad either. For someone who actually offers services related to blogging (like hosting, promotion and so on), it would be a nice fit. Plus, it’s a regular renewal name, I never bought premium renewal new gTLDs and highly recommend you don’t either.

That’s it for today, hope one of you can put the domain to good use!

6 Comments For This Post

  1. Kevin Murphy Says:

    ME 🙂

  2. Andrei Says:

    Congrats Kevin, sent you an email a few seconds ago 😉

  3. Pick ME! Says:

    ME! Nah, just kidding. New gtlds suck something awful. Not worth the renewal fee. Thanks anyways.

  4. RaTHeaD Says:

    throw in a hundred dollars cash and i’ll take it.

  5. Eric Lyon Says:

    Congrats Kevin! Be sure to develop that bad boy and monetize it. 😉

  6. Patricia Kaehler Says:

    Be interesting to see what becomes of it…