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How Much Would You Pay for Today?

Posted on 15 September 2015 by Andrei

Two days ago, I wrote a post through which I illustrated that even selling a really good new gTLD, easily one of the top 100 for that extension, is anything but easy.

As per my calculations, it is hard for me to obtain even 0.15% of the value of the corresponding dot com for As mentioned in the post, there are easily at least a couple of domainers willing to pay $1 million for right here, right now.

I for one would accept $1,500 today for $1,500 represents 0.15% of $1 million. So far, it has been rumored in domain or folklore that a .net tends to be worth 5 to 10% of a .com (although I consider these numbers a tad optimistic). Therefore, obtaining 0.15% should make sense.

On the one hand, it is true that scarcity isn’t that much of an issue when it comes to new GTLDs, with hundreds of them available at the moment of writing. However, for a lot of them, the term stocks does not make sense. Let me give you just a few examples: Stocks.Horse (I don’t know why but I always smile when reading about dot horse domains, am I the only one?), Stocks.Movie, Stocks.Bike and so on.

Realistically speaking, there aren’t that many new extensions for which the term “stocks” represents a good fit and therefore, the supply and demand equation shouldn’t be *this* disastrous.

If I’m not able to obtain 0.15% of the corresponding .com value for, then what can be said about lower quality domains?

For new gTLDs to stand even the most remote chance of representing a decent investment opportunity for domainers, there should at least be a somewhat of a reseller market for the best of the best in terms of inventory. If there isn’t even liquidity for terms such as “stocks” and a decent extension, then again, what can be said about the other domains?

I’m well aware that there has been drama surrounding .XYZ but still, even with the Network Solutions thing and what not, .XYZ can still be considered one of the most successful new extensions. There’s even the Google alphabet incident which puts .XYZ in the spotlight and believe me, it received a *lot* of exposure because even a publication from my country covered it extensively. In light of all this, .XYZ can at the very least be considered somewhat successful. Therefore, the issue is even more interesting.

Does anyone doubt that the term “stocks” is extremely strong? Of course not!

Does anyone doubt that.XYZ is one of the most successful extensions? Again, even with the drama that has surrounded the extension, I’m sure most people agree that .XYZ that is one of the most successful strings. That brings us to today’s question:

How much would you pay for stocks today?

I could’ve phrased today’s question differently by asking people how much they think is worth but that way, new extension supporters could have said $10,000 or more just like that. By asking them how much they would actually pay for the domain today, I am fine-tuning my question quite a bit.

Should be interesting 🙂

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  1. AbdulBasit Makrani Says:

    Personally I don’t like this crappy .xyz extension which makes no sense.
    I wouldn’t bother having that domain for free as I will have to pay renewals daunting me every year 😀

  2. ABC Says:

    The issue is there are very few domain investors in this sector, most of them are domainers.

  3. Mike Says:

    $250 most likely, $400 maybe, $500 no (It’s too much)

  4. David Says:

    I don’t get the .xyz either. Being a .com domain name investor mainly, the only new extension I like somewhat is .online. This extension is natural one for businesses on the web. I don’t see any of the other extensions going too far in terms of the resale market. Good luck with I hope you post a follow up on what you got for it.

  5. Shane Says:

    I am a .xyz supporter but the Namejet auction results tell you exactly what its worth right now. $250 or so. Maybe a little more. The on the other hand have been sold out pretty much since the first month and are a little harder to get. Don’t have any comps to go on yet though since none have been sold

  6. adam Says:

    I wouldn’t buy it for any money.
    Names like this are quite dangerous.
    You think what a great keyword, too great to give up and you keep renewing it year after hoping and hoping…

  7. Ricardo Says:

    I agree with AbdulBasit. However, I would consider taking it if you accept to pay me $50.

  8. Eric Borgos Says:

    I have no interest in .xyz domains, but as a speculator I would pay $100 for it.

  9. Leonard Britt Says:

    Assuming you paid reg fee, I believe you can sell for more than your cost. However, as in any business, if you price a product above what buyers are willing to pay, you will be stuck with a lot of inventory and with domains inventory is not a one-time cost. That cost grows exponentially with time (without sales to offset the cost).

    The last SEDO domain market study I find shows a median sales price for domains sold via its platform of around $600 with most of those being .COM and few of those being extensions other than .COM, .Net or CCTLDs. Sales in excess of $2500 even in .COM are rare relative to the number of registered .COMs (more than 100 million)

    Stocks is a great keyword while .XYZ is not yet known for robust aftermarket sales.

    I believe you could sell for somewhere between $199 and $349 to a domain investor. However, I believe you might be selling into the bubble just like some .Mobi investors did before it collapsed.

    Given what I have seen companies spend on IT costs, marketing & advertising, professional services and other ordinary business expenses, it does seem frustrating at times that end users in general still place very little value on domain names as brands. If that mentality changes, the whole industry would benefit and even alt TLDs might have a chance as lower-cost alternatives to the high-priced .COM. In the meantime, domains which are not short .COMs are struggling to find buyers.

    I recently sold a .Net for close to one half of one percent of Name Administration’s equivalent .COM list price. Perhaps I sold too cheap but no one wanted it at a higher price as I gradually reduced the price in recent years. I would prefer .Net over most any new TLD. What percentage of a .Net is a .XYZ?

  10. Aaron Strong Says:

    If “.xyz” means “anything”… = Stocks.Anything = Nothing…………Not worth a .99 renewal.

  11. Marian Says:

    I personally think that .XYZ is one of the worst new gTLDs.
    Is just a nonsense. Ugly and without meaning. Even the best keywords + .XYZ are worthless. To invest in new gTLDs one must understand where the value is. For example a good new gTLD domain will be ona that make sense KEYWORD+EXTENSION like: STOCK.MARKET

    In my opinion this type of domains have value and even more than the matching .COM

    I see more valuable: STOCK.MARKET than or or …

    These are the domains I feel will have good value in the future.

  12. Brad Mugford Says:

    I think it is worth about the same as Stocks in any other turd extension like .CC, .WS. etc. Not much.

    The new gTLD that are likely to have long term interest are ones like Car.Insurance, Real.Estate, etc., not just random terms followed by one of the endless “generic” extensions like .link, .click, . website, and all the others.


  13. Marian Says:

    I totally agree with you Brad.

  14. Jonathan Says:

    What little they’re worth now, will be even less when .web comes out. So you guys still have a little time left to dump them off to somebody else.

  15. Anunt Says:

    i would pay $100 and try to flip it asap to a sucker for $250+…
    if i fail to find a sucker within a year, i would let it expire!!!
    it’s definitely not worth building a site on…

  16. mik Says:

    The .xyz hype reminds me a lot about .mobi when most domainers jumped in big time but I think many have learned their lesson to rein your spending until a company like google gets involved.

    If they are into xyz I better get in early which is sensible in domaining but is xyz a sensible gtld to invest in now?

    I feel that if I owned stocks dot xyz I would hang on to it because in time xyz will draw in more investors as more people become aware of it

    Imo it doesn’t matter now and into the future what the extension will be as its what’s left of the tld that will count more than the extension if its promoted properly as a developed site and not simply as as parked domain.

  17. Snoopy Says:

    I’d pay $8 for

    “it does seem frustrating at times that end users in general still place very little value on domain names as brands”

    Can’t blame the customers, most domains just aren’t worth anything substantial.

  18. Phil Says:

    250 today…

  19. Lou Says:

    .online is for the seniors and .xyz is for the new generation

    Yes we know we’re online lol That’s so 90s Again a big brain domainer hit.

  20. Lou Says:

    Get so bored of people saying xyz and mobi being the same as was back in 2007. Mobi had a destination which could not be reached for smart phone users as a domain name.Suckers.