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How Much Time Do You Actually Spend Working?

Posted on 31 March 2014 by Andrei

This question isn’t only relevant for domainers and/or entrepreneurs, it’s just as relevant for employees, freelancers and pretty much everyone else. I’ve noticed (and I’m sure most of you will agree) that people spend *so* much time on completely unproductive things (videos, random articles, you name it) when they’re (supposed to be) working that it’s not even funny.

In fact, most of them would be shocked to find out how much or should I say little time they actually spend working. Let me just give you a few examples of things people waste time with instead of working:

  • Funny/random videos
  • Personal emails
  • Skype/Instant Messenger conversations
  • News unrelated to your occupation
  • Blog posts unrelated to your occupation
  • Social media sites
  • Games

… the list could go on and on.

The sad part is that these are in no way things that make you happy or anything like that. Not at all, you’re actually getting the worst of both worlds. On the one hand, you think you’re working but actually aren’t, so you aren’t getting anything productive done. On the other hand, you’re not genuinely enjoying yourself either.

You’re not spending time with people you care about, you’re not doing anything of that nature, you’re simply wasting time on things that literally generate no value whatsoever.

We’re probably all guilty of this and there are lots of productivity tools which help you track the amount of time you’re wasting. The same way, there are even tools you can use to block the most popular sites people waste time on but in my opinion, you don’t need such tools at all.

All you need is determination. These days, I try to be ruthless and brutally pragmatic when it comes to the things I spend time doing. If it’s not something that helps me make money, it should be something I genuinely enjoy doing or the other way around. If it’s neither, we have a problem 🙂

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  1. KD Says:

    If you work hard you will be rewarded well. Some people have the passion and patience for it. Others waste their time on stupid things. I tell people all the time “if you don’t love it find something you are passionate about and get into that.” After all, you spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping and 1/2 of your awake life at work.

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