Sold for $20,000

Posted on 01 February 2024 by NamePros Daily

Today: Appraisal of / Dot Com Wanted – Budget $200,000 / Sold for $59,888 / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Appraisal of – An interesting domain name. This one word could be worth a large amount but the dot one drags it low.

Dot Com Wanted – Budget $200,000 – They want an three letter or three numbers, no hyphens. Check your domain portfolio and see if you have what the want. Sold for $59,888 – Check out this two word dot com that sold for five figures. Evaluation – A long one but marketable, abc isn’t uncommon in supply business. How much do you value it this domain name in today’s market? is Up for Sale – Could this be what your domain portfolio needs? This domain name might need some work to monetize but ranked highly searched via google. Sold for $20,000 – This one word dot xyz sold well recently. Would you spend so much?

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