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For Sale: Studio.Com, Bath.Com, 25.Com, IH.Com, AX.Com, LLL.Coms And More!

Posted on 23 March 2017 by Andrei

Together with James Booth from, DomainingTips is proud to present a list of gems you don’t exactly come across every day!

If you want to buy one of today’s domains and/or have questions, simply send a message to

Payments via with the escrow fee covered by the buyer, unless otherwise negotiated. 

Let’s get right down to business and start with a priced as well as two LL.coms for which we’re requesting offers: – $2.7M – Offers Wanted – Offers Wanted

Next, we have eight two-character dot coms: + – $250k (currently has a $200k offer) – $55k – $80k – $100k – $125k – $110k – $115k – $150k

… followed by a selection of LLL.coms: – $35k – $38k – $42k

… and the following NNNN.coms: – $1.4M – $16k – $35k – $43k – $52k

… and the following hot VR-related LLL.nets at $2.5k each:

To end the short domain part of our email, we also have for which offers are requested.

Fortunately, we haven’t forgotten about one word dot com enthusiasts either and I’ll let the domains speak for themselves: – Offers Wanted – Offers Wanted – Offers Wanted – Offers Wanted – Offers Wanted – $40k – $50k – $60k – $60k – $100k – $150k – $150k – $150k – $150k – $200k – $200k – $250k – $250k – $250k – $250k – $350k – $400k – $400k

That’s it for today guys!

To let me know which domain(s) you’re interested in or ask a question, send a message to

6 Comments For This Post

  1. Rob Says:

    You do realize your a Domainer blog, not Harrods

  2. @domains Says:

    Great list, lots of standout names.

  3. gary Says:

    Nothing pigeon there. Those are amazing domains.

  4. Mike Says:

    Does he have an exclusive on all of these? Never put a domain in a blog/newsletter, if there’s no exclusive..

  5. Dn Ebook Says:

    One the list best lists out there !

  6. Dan Says:

    Commentator Rob is spot on here. These are end-user/retail prices. What is the point of putting them on a Domainers website? Why don’t you now list the wholesale prices if you are so keen to sell?