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Random Sunday Evening Theory: Could Facebook “Save” the Parking Industry?

Posted on 10 April 2011 by Andrei

In my opinion, Facebook would be able to monetize certain types of type-in traffic better than Google or Yahoo/Bing. The result? More competition for our traffic! Now before you jump to conclusions, read my post carefully because even though this theory may sound crazy, I think you’ll agree that it’s not exactly illogical.

Why Facebook? And How?!?

Think about it: lots of people surf while logged into their Facebook account (definitely enough Internet users to make this solution scalable) and when they’re doing that, Facebook would be able to serve ads based on the information they have at their disposal about each and every user (age, marital status and so on).

In other words, here’s what would happen if Facebook were to launch an AdSense alternative:

1) They provide a code

2) Webmasters copy/paste that code, just like it’s done with let’s say AdSense ad units

3) If a user visits a website which contains Facebook ad units while logged into Facebook, ads would be displayed based on the data Facebook has about him or her. If they’re not logged in, then the webmaster would have two options:

a) Let Facebook serve whichever ads they want
b) Use another monetization method for those impressions (in other words, serve other ads to people who are not logged into their FB account)

Sounds simple enough?

Facebook vs. Google

The interesting part is that Facebook has a lot of data which Google doesn’t have access to (age, gender etc.) and this makes it possible to serve ads based on what each user wants to see. In other words:

1) AdSense serves ads based on what each page is about
2) Facebook could serve ads based on other variables

A Great Solution for Any Domain/Website?

Now you might be asking yourself: would a Facebook monetization method represent a great solution for any domain/website? Nope, I honestly doubt it could ever generate more than AdSense (and not just AdSense) for let’s say financial niches.

On the other hand, what about niches such as humor?

In my opinion, this is where Facebook can dominate. Let’s assume that you own the domain which receives lots of type-in traffic. Let’s also assume that your current parking revenue sucks due to the fact that advertisers just aren’t willing to pay more for this type of traffic.

You know that serving ads related to humor has low payouts as a result, right?


Then what if you knew more things about the visitor who just landed on your site?

Maybe that he recently broke up with his girlfriend? Then why not serve dating ads?

Maybe that he is experiencing financial problems (foreclosures, debt, whatever)? Then why not serve refinancing ads?

Crazy Enough to Work?

This is exactly what a Facebook monetization method could do IMO: help you monetize “problematic” domains. More competition, more revenue for problematic domains. Not bad at all, what do you guys think? Crazy enough to work?

6 Comments For This Post

  1. Xdreamer Says:

    I wonder if google rules allow use of adsense for like you said for b) when visitors have not logged in on facebook

  2. Anthony Says:

    I don’t think it would be hard at all for Facebook to develop a solution like that.If Facebook wanted to do more ad impressions it would certainly help them achieve that goal. The question is if advertisers would want to have their ads served on these sites external to Facebook.

  3. Andrei Says:

    @Xdreamer: if AdSense and Facebook ads would not be on the same page (in other words: if the user is logged into Facebook, you would only serve Facebook ads and if he/she isn’t, you would only serve AdSense ads), I don’t think there would be any issues.

    @Anthony: they would probably implement a system similar to the AdWords one and let advertisers choose if they want their ads displayed exclusively on Facebook, if they want them displayed exclusively on external sites or if they want them displayed on Facebook as well as on external sites.

  4. PPC Says:

    I think GoDaddy could do it also. Just click a radial button in your domain interface for Zero Click or maybe even an ad network if they could put it together. It might take acquiring a couple companies to do that though.

  5. party lighting rentals Says:

    hey billion, yes facebook do that..bcoz we daily discuss many topics in facebook and facebook is daily used more and more.

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