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Posted on 06 March 2017 by Andrei

Edited: is pending sale.

Someone will be getting a genuinely awesome deal, this is an exclusive listing (I’m’s only broker) and not your average domain/site that gets shopped around ad nauseam. Not only is a blockbuster domain that would be the star of any auction event, it’s also a developed website that currently receives about 1,000,000 monthly pageviews (with ~80% being US traffic, ~11% UK traffic and ~3% Canadian traffic) and generates $1,000+ in monthly revenue.

The owner spends less than 30 minutes per month on it, so there’s *plenty* of room for growth if you want to increase the traffic or improve the website’s monetization. The only cost is the 50 bucks per month the seller is paying for hosting.

The asking price is $350,000, down *considerably* from the seller’s initial number which was $750,000.

Interested parties can contact me by sending an email to

Here are the traffic statistics (Google Analytics) for the past month:

… and here are the revenue stats:

What you do with will be entirely up to you.

If you’re willing to give it the TLC it deserves, it should be easy to generate a lot more revenue. Again, the current owner spent a grand total of 5 hours on the site over the past 12 months, less than 30 minutes per month!

So if you want to take to the next level, there’s certainly *ample* upside potential.

If you’d prefer a more passive approach, then just keep collecting the $1k+ monthly revenue, gradually making your money back while the domain appreciates in value. Let’s face it: no matter what short-term fluctuations the domain market deals with, the “best of the best” in terms of Dot Com inventory has nowhere to go but up and needless to say, not only does fall into that category, it’s among the top 1% of the top 1%… of the top 1% 🙂

Anyway, there’s little need to turn this into a novel, speaks for itself.

The payment will take place via, unless otherwise negotiated.

The escrow fee ($3,115 according to the calculator) will be covered by the buyer.

To get in touch, contact me via email (

6 Comments For This Post

  1. Rob Says:

    You give financial lessons an asset yielding $12k in revenue annually, and costing $350k, is considered a bad investment?

    Oh wait flip the script now your brokering it?

    Funny how people change right

  2. Andrei Says:

    @Rob: this isn’t Funny-Internet-Videos.Horse that’s been black hat SEO’d and is quickly being sold on Flippa because the owner knows the traffic+rev is going downhill, we’re talking about a blockbuster domain ( that’s been turned into a website which makes $12k+ yearly with an investment of time that is practically zero.

    3.42% yearly is obviously not an amazing return but don’t forget that it’s generated by a top-of-the-line asset that will most likely go up in value. Also, take a look at the current level of development and tell me there isn’t lots and lots of room for improvement.

    The new owner can:

    1) do the bare minimum in terms of development, let the domain appreciate in value and collect the $1k+ monthly

    2) take the site to the next level

    3) anything in between

    If you think is overpriced then that’s fine, nobody is forcing anyone to buy.

  3. Anticareer Says:

    Rob – you need to consider the value of the asset and then consider the value of the annual profit.

    How much is worth as a standalone domain? Let’s say $100k.

    Profit stream is $12k/year. If site is established then for a site like this you’d pay about 2 years of earnings for the business aspect.

    My estimate is $124k for a sale price.

    Saying there is potential is not a selling point. If this could easily become a $50k/month site then why hasn’t the owner made it one? It’s not that easy and you can say there is potential about anything. It would require a ton of hard work and expense that the new owner would have to bare so why would that value be included in what new owner would have to pay? Lol, he has to pay you for “potential”, then he has to pay to make the potential happen? Doesn’t work that way.

  4. THCNames Says:

    Andrei, you totally need to market this to the Anti-Trump crowd.

    I’m sure some Hollywood celebrity would pay that amount of money for the domain. 🙂

  5. Sumatra Says:

    With that kind of ROI, anyone buying that domain for $350k is indeed “DUMB”

  6. Captain Hook Says:

    If you had not shown the stats and showed the domain name for sale. People would have been oooow what a nice name. Definitely worth 6 figures. People that are looking at stats alone are conservative investors that lack not only vision but lack an understanding of domain names.

    P.s. the owner has spectacular names but his development of his sites is lacking,that’s why their is much room for improvement and opportunity.