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DomainingTips + NamePros Partnership, New Twitter Account & TLC :)

Posted on 02 February 2018 by Andrei

Well, it seems DomainingTips is once again receiving some much-needed TLC!

Graham and I are trying to slowly get back to posting more frequently, we’ve partnered up with NamePros to bring you the NameProsDaily posts and I have to say, Eric from NamePros is one of the hardest workers I’ve come across! Really excited about everything he’s doing, positive, you name it!

He went ahead and even created a DomainingTips-only twitter account where all new DT posts will appear, please follow when you get a chance to btw.

Have to say, I’ve missed blogging and while I’m still nowhere near ready to commit to a regular blogging schedule, I’m getting there. After my new book is 100% ready for the spotlight and I organize some things better in my professional life (easier said than done!), I’ll finally be able to dedicate more time to DomainingTips and of course to my channel, which is growing quite nicely but more on that later this month, when I’ll try to put together a case study update. That’s it for now, take care guys!

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