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Suggest an Original Monetization Approach for, Win $50 and a Vector Logo Worth $95!

Posted on 02 March 2010 by Andrei

I always love a good brainstorming session, the concept of the second contest is simple: think of an original monetization strategy for, post it and Francois will pick the winner next Tuesday at 3 PM EST.

There’s no time like the present to get those creative juices flowing, here’s the second contest thread:

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  1. DomainNameTruth Says:

    Great idea, I think an organized flow of ideas is just what needs right now. Two heads work better than one, three work better than two. I found about your blog thanks to, I found your forum thanks to your blog. I told you this before, what you’re doing will change the industry for the better. Some might argue that we shouldn’t even call it an industry yet, sites like those built by you and him can give us the maturity we so desperately need.

  2. DomainNameTruth Says:

    I posted my suggestion, a simple solution to a complicated problem.

  3. LB Says:

    Sounds like an interesting thread, I’ll be following it closely. I’m actually curious who will win and how good the idea will work.

  4. Ryan Says:

    The contest is a win-win for everyone. will hopefully make more money thanks to some of the strategies, your forum will have quality information on it, the members will have a lot to learn and the winner also gets 2 prizes out of this.

  5. Nick Says:

    Your contests keep getting better and better. What I like about them is that you’re rewarding originality and not just randomly handing out cash and logos.

  6. cinpa Says:

    If we have something suddenly inspire us, is it ok to post once more in the thread?

  7. Xdreamer Says:

    For the situation cinpa talked about, in my opinion the answer is you can post as often as you want to in the thread (in the rules it says a winner will be picked, not just a winning post) and Francois will choose the member who has been the most helpful.

  8. Andrei Says:

    @cinpa: Xdreamer is spot on, a winner will be chosen after the contest ends, not a winning post. Maybe someone who only posted once will win, maybe someone who posted 10 times: the most important thing is providing as much value as possible through your overall contribution (maybe your initial post will cover everything from A to Z, maybe you’ll decide to post additional info) 🙂

  9. nmwando Says:

    Andrei, just to clarify. What is your stance on bribing the main decision maker for this contest hehehe

  10. Andrei Says:

    @nmwando: I’ll think about it 😉

  11. nmwando Says:

    I already have my bribing material ready, just say the word!