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Show Me Your… Domaining Laptops ;)

Posted on 08 May 2011 by Andrei

I have one laptop, three desktops and a netbook at the moment of writing but my laptop is trying to get the message across that it’s retirement time, so I’m going to buy a new one next week. Give me some ideas, what do you guys use? I’d love to hear about your positive experiences as well as horror stories with various brands, should be interesting!

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  1. Morgan Linton Says:

    I got a new Macbook Pro two days after Apple announced them. Best laptop I’ve ever had and according to CNET the fastest laptop they’ve ever tested. I got the 13″ version since I travel a ton, was thinking of the Air but needed more power.

    Not only is the laptop insanely fast but it has amazing battery life, roughly 9.5 hours of continuous use. I have 8 total computers at home but now I find that I use this one 95% of the time. Plug it into a 23″ display and it’s just like having a desktop.

  2. George Says:

    I too got a MBP (15″) which I also use as my desktop connected to an 24″ display, but more than the hardware I recommend the OS. I must admit that I’m a bit biased though – been a Macuser for more than 20 years now and never really worked with anything else than Mac OS.

  3. JimB Says:

    I have a tech support background so I hope I can help. Morgan mentioned Apple, nothing bad to say about them. Quality builds but they are usually expensive for the resources you get. At the same price, you can get another laptop that’s alot faster. Comes down to personal preferences I guess.

    Stay away from Sony Vaio, not worth it unless your in love with the design. Also Dell and HP aren’t my personal faves but Dells usually perform a little bit better than HP.

    Asus does some really good builds, so I can recommend them. Same for Lenovo and Toshiba aren’t bad either.

  4. Mac Sucks Says:

    I’ll just let you guess what my opinion is. hint hint mac sucks hint hin. Mac’s os is too simplistic and users who think it’s the safest system ever should read up on the recent skype disaster. Once their os gets as widely used as windows, you’ll see more of this. Clever marketing no doubt about that but really not much behind it. If you want to buy for the brand or to be like the cool kids at starbucks yea suit yourself but there are better deals to be had than a mac around every corner

  5. HED - High End Domains Says:

    I got a desktop HP pavilion slimside at home since 2 years now, never got problem.

    Just bought an Acer travel mate last week for company (not choosen by me), nice looking, slim, 8 hours battery, i5 cpu…. speed… the best we found for it price in my area.

    Using a Sony Vaio 15 inch core2 duo white color for personal use, since 6 months now and not as great as the Acer because speakers are “craps”, heavy laptop,…. don’t buy a vaio, I bouth it because was affordable and have a free injet/scanner printer as free bundle, also Sony was like a brand name compare to other names.

    I also have an old mini mac (G cpu) with cinemadisplay at home but don’t use it anymore because it’s slow and outdated also some small problem with bootup but bought 10 years ago and likes it so not selling it, a museum piece).

    If you are serious about business and got money I will highly recommend you get a Macbook pro. Too bad I already bought my vaio if not I will probably get a macbook pro.

  6. RAYY Says:

    Mac Book Pro is the best. I use Mac for 15 years, 15″ Mac, best colour and sharp especially good for accurate colour image in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver and Flesh from Adobe products. Great for web design. All major advertising, marketing and graphic design companies use Mac for creative design production purposes. Highly recommend. All my friends are using Apple Mac Book Pro.

  7. DNabc Says:

    I bought a 13″ Macbook Pro last year and it became my main machine. I dropped my Quad Core desktop… OSX is really fast, and I have VMWare and VirtualBox for a Windows 7 and Windows XP virtual machines (for some apps).

    Regarding Windows laptops, I’ve had 2 Toshiba and 1 Asus netbook. Some family members have bought Asus, HP and Acer machines, but I do prefer Toshiba’s build…

  8. ciao sono luigi Says:

    Hey secondo me l’iPhone 1 è il più innovativo prodotto degli ultimi anni.

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