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Domaining and the Rat Race

Posted on 10 January 2016 by Andrei

A significant percentage of the people I interact with, both online and offline, are workaholics. The more time passes, the more people seem to be entrenched in the proverbial rat race and this got me thinking about domaining as well as the idea of making money online in general.

Now sure, I for one have practically never had a “real” day off, as in a day in which I do absolutely nothing work-related. I at the very least respond to some emails here and there, even when I’m taking time off but on the other hand, I don’t consider myself a workaholic.

On the contrary, I’m doing my best to work smarter and smarter.

Those of us who earn a living on the Internet are privileged in this respect.

We get to organize our time as we deem appropriate and depending on how good you are at this, it can be anything from a blessing to a curse.

In my case, it’s a blessing.

I like to think of myself as a “big picture” guy and my long-term goals in no way revolve around spending all day at the office, only to crash on the couch due to exhaustion as soon as I get home. The more time passes, the less time I want to spend working and the more time I want to spend on “big picture” stuff.

Writing books (my first one is practically finished), teaching at university (economics) as well as on the Internet (this blog and my One Minute Economics YouTube channel) and so on. Doing things which aren’t just about me making ends meet.

Now fair enough, most of my “big picture” projects are still in their infancy but I’m trying to find more and more time for them.

I really dislike the rat race.

Quite frankly, it sucks.

The Internet enables me (and everyone else who is reading this) to make my own rules, my own mistakes and balance all of the aspects of my existence as I see fit.

Words can’t begin to describe how grateful I am and how grateful all of us should be.

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  1. Omar Says:

    Nice post.

    I agree, the rat race does indeed suck but the truth is that most people are going to be involved in it. It’s just the way the world works. As for people who have a business on the side (like me), it’s a great motivator to make me work even harder to be able to take my online ventures full time.

    Having a job can be a drain when you combine it with coming home to work on your part time business but I think it’s all about what we do in our “spare” time. If you can manage to spend your non 9-5 work hours doing things that are productive like building a business or side income, eventually you could take it full time. I’ve seen this done by plenty of people but it truly is hard work.

    I agree though the rat race sucks but knowing you’re in it is the first thing to admit then taking massive action to get out of it is truly important.


  2. BullS Says:

    You should wait when robots take more of the manufacturing jobs and more people are unemployed. With idle time= dangerous motives.

    It is called the jobless future.

  3. Eric Borgos Says:

    Remember: Even If You Win the Rat Race, You’re Still a Rat

  4. chris brennan Says:

    the rat race is a corporate institution designed to mire the masses in debt and indenture them to the bossman

  5. Karl B Hensel Says:

    Rat race is individuals creation. Visit a country like Costa Rica. They have very little as far as luxury but they are content with having what is needed. They are happy living the simple life.

  6. Hire Domains Says:

    I think the appeal of domaining compared other online ventures is the easy entry, one domain name and you are off to a start.