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If it is NOT Legal in US, Make Sure Your Domain is NOT in US.

Posted on 07 March 2008 by Lord Brar

In case you have not heard of it already, US Government has ordered the deletion of a domain name because the company using the name was dealing with Cuba.

And how could it do so? Because the company had registered the name through a US registrar Enom. You can read about the whole story here.

Does anyone remember that BoDog also lost its names just because they were registered with Enom. (DNf Discussion)

The lessons is, if you are using your name for something that is not very legal in USA, use a registrar like Joker or which are not under US jurisdiction.

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  1. newyorkdude Says:

    I suppose it’s possible to do business by registering names outside the US. But then if registering a name outside the US makes one complicit in helping the political regime of Cuba further destroy its nation, that might contribute to a guilty conscience. I’d rather not do anything to help the Cuban regime.

  2. Si Says:

    The companies referred to are in Switzerland and France respectively, unless I’m missing something I can’t see how using them would be supporting the Cuban regime.

    Anyway, personally I’d much rather support the regime in Cuba than the current one in the US.

    It’s despicable how the citizens of a supposed democracy continually allow their representatives to pass laws favouring Big Business over the little guys by tacking them on the end of completely irrelevant legislation.

  3. newyorkdude Says:

    I don’t imagine this website is an appropriate place for political discussion. But I can’t let your stupendously stupid comment comparing the US to Cuba go by unanswered.

    Yes, the US has big businesses. Cuba does not. Big businesses sometimes influence legislation. [Nothing influences legislation in Cuba except the whims of its dictators.]

    Nevertheless the living standard of even the poorest Americans is far more comfortable than the standards of almost any Cubans.

    Cuba is about 90 miles off the shores of the US. I don’t see any stories of Americans taking boats to Cuba to change their citizenship. Every day some Cubans board treacherous make-shift craft to try to sail to America to reestablish their lives.

    If you had your choice, you could single-handedly reverse the migration habits of thousands and be the first to switch citizenship to Cuba. Everyone in the world but you twits who have snippy little gripes about the US knows which country is better to live in. Get a brain.

  4. Si Says:

    I’ve just found myself back here, so I guess – seeing as you decided to resort to personal insults – I should respond.

    You’re initial comment, “I’d rather not do anything to help the Cuban regime” was what prompted my reply and while I was guilty of taking your bait the emphasis was on the word “current” and my comment was mainly to point out that the registrars referred to where not in Cuba.

    I’m sure I don’t need to go into the details, the actions of the current US regime have resulted in more deaths and lowered the standard of living of a lot more people worldwide over the last 8 years than the actions of Castro and co.

    After 50 years, about 2 million Cubans are refugees in The States. The UN estimates 100,000 Iraqis are fleeing each month, as a result of the actions of the current US regime.

    I could go on, but I agree with you, this really isn’t the place for political discussions. Feel free to email me if you like, but please leave out the personal insults.

  5. Edwin Says:

    “The lessons is, if you are using your name for something that is not very legal in USA, use a registrar like Joker or which are not under US jurisdiction.”

    Using a foreign registrar doesn’t matter, you’re still using a domain extension issued by a U.S. entity, in case of a .com .net and some other extensions.

    And there is nothing your foreign registrar can do about it if the registry is ordered by the U.S. government to revoke the domain.

  6. Aimee Wengler Says:

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