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Do You Like the Bigger Text + Wider Text Area on DomainingTips?

Posted on 04 February 2017 by Andrei

I’ve been playing around with the text and text area of DomainingTips. The font size has been increased quite a bit and, also, the text area is 300px wider. I think this should improve your reading experience without being annoying but want some feedback first.

Do you like it?

DomainingTips has had the same design over the past 8 years and I don’t really feel like changing it because… well, because I kind of like it. I might eventually switch to a new design but for the time being, I’m content with the old one. I do however want to tweak it and make sure you guys like it.

Just two quick questions:

1) Do you like it? If not, please make some suggestions.

2) Are you noticing any bugs? So things that aren’t displaying properly for example, stuff like that.

If possible, please give me some info about the device you’re viewing the blog from. For example “Laptop, Windows 10, Firefox” or something along those lines. Thanks 🙂

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  1. Francois Says:

    It’s better!

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