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Did You Download the MediaOptions .Com Strategies Book?

Posted on 10 December 2016 by Andrei

A lot of times, domainers find themselves in the position of having to “teach” end users why paying a premium for an awesome domain is worth it. Believe it or not, domainers aren’t always very good at explaining such things in a way that comes across as professional.

The Media Options “.Com Strategies” book is written by an advertising veteran (Chris Zuiker) and by reading it, you’ll be able to get inside his head… so to speak.

This insight alone makes the book a must-read.

I don’t know about you guys but usually, when talking to various advertising departments, I for one feel like I just don’t “get” them. It’s strange because at the end of the day, we both care about sales, impact and so on… yet it frequently seems like we’re speaking a different language.

IMO, Media Options is doing something very smart with this book by creating a bridge between domain investors and potential end users. At the end of the day, we do have to eventually start speaking the same language because if that doesn’t happen, it’s hard for me to imagine how domain investing or let’s say the idea of acquiring a premium domain can truly go mainstream.

Download the book (it’s free btw!) and don’t just read it in a superficial manner.

The name of the game here (in my opinion, at least) is getting to understand what makes advertising execs tick because again: when pitching a domain to marketing departments, you shouldn’t limit yourself to presenting arguments you and other domainers consider compelling. Selling is all about figuring out which arguments the *buyers* respond to and a lot of times, this gap alone explains why negotiations frequently go south.

To download the book, click HERE.

Happy reading!

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  1. Steve Says:

    Any insight into how Media Options has had so much success is a GIFT. Andrew, Chris and team are obviously at the top of their game. So far lots of great info and insight into their success with great sales results.
    Thanks Andrew and Chris for taking the time to put it together!