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Cheapest Domain Sales Newsletter (By Far)

Posted on 10 March 2012 by Andrei

I can help you sell your investment grade domains at a 5% commission if you’re willing to accept reseller prices.

Again, only reseller prices.

Not end user prices, realistic reseller market prices only.

If you aren’t willing to list investment grade domains at prices domain investors find attractive, please don’t contact me.

Domains I’m looking for:

* all NN, NNN or NNNN dot coms
* all LL or LLL dot coms
* valuable LLLL dot coms
* all LL dot net or dot org domains
* valuable LLL dot net domains, preferably portfolios
* 3 character dot com portolios
* one word dot coms
* really good one word dot net/org/info domains
* the very best new gTLDs (something in the same league as Real.Estate)
* “bread and butter” commercially viable two and three word dot coms

No contract necessary, your word is enough.

Escrow services are not included, all transactions will be handled via unless otherwise negotiated.

To proceed, email me at

And if you haven’t by now, sign up for the newsletter using the sidebar form (I email my subscribers each Monday).

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