Casino on STEROIDS: Kidnapping just got a hell of a lot easier.

Posted on 03 February 2018 by Graham Haynes

casino on steroids is the first casino platform built around crypto coins. You convert your cash into cashbet crypto coins at 0.5 USD each and play your favourite casino games. Winnings are then converted back from the crypto-coin into cash instantly, in a similar manner to casino chips in the real world because there is no centralized processing and all based on the ethereum blockchain.

Whilst you are gambling you are also doubling down on the market value of the cashbet coin, which had its Initial Coin Offering this week to raise 100s of millions of dollars. All supported by Arsenal football club to get global exposure.
Far beyond my risk tolerance, but some big money has been wagered by investors that this steroid enhanced casino has legs.

Kidnapping – there is going to be an epidemic. Previously the weak link with kidnapping someone was getting the ransom cash without leaving a trail, especially when you make the collection. What a gift from god bitcoins are when you are Mr Nasty the kidnapper. No physical collection, no transfer to a bank account, simply get the bitcoins transferred to your anonymous account and convert to another crypto coin, leaving very little for the authorities to work on. Deregulation has its downside, biggest being a wild west paradise for harden criminals and when North Korea use it as there preferred method of getting hard currency, watch the markets and Governments turn on crypto coins.

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