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Any Bitcoin Sellers Among Domainers?

Posted on 03 November 2018 by Andrei

I’ve started investing in btc more seriously as of $500 and stopped investing fiat at $5,000. Over the next few months, I will once again be investing some fiat and am looking for a few go-to sellers. In other words, people I add on Skype and contact whenever I want to buy.

Maybe you’re a miner and always have bitcoin for sale.

Or you’re a holder looking to divest right now.

Or you’re not necessarily sure you want to sell right now but want to have a few go-to buyers in your contact list in case you need quick liquidity.

… whatever the reason may be, let’s keep in touch.

This will be a mid to long-term thing. I used to have two reliable go-to guys but they are no longer available, so it’s time to reach out to other people. Not sure how many domainers are active in the crypto space, probably enough for me to at least find another go-to seller or two.

Anyway, shoot me an email at if you’d like to keep in touch and include your Skype ID. Preferably a little bit of information about yourself as well, as I’d much rather deal with people I know at least a little bit about. So if you’ve commented on DomainingTips in the past, are active on NamePros and stuff like that, let me know. If not, that’s fine as well I guess but we’ll start small 🙂

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