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Are You Paying Attention to the Brexit Situation?

Posted on 13 June 2016 by Andrei

Don’t really like the idea of writing about politics-related stuff on a domaining blog but the fact that this month (on the 23rd), the United Kingdom will decide if they stay in the European Union or leave is a big deal. As in literally a huge deal, especially with the polls indicating no clear winner.

Yes, there was this one poll which said the “leave” camp had a significant lead but it was an online-only poll if I’m not mistaken. Most polls indicate that there’s no clear winner, in other words, the winner leads by a percentage which is pretty much within the poll’s margin of error.

I’ve published a one-minute video about the Brexit on my One Minute Economics YouTube channel:

I tried to focus on the economics dimension and avoid discussions related to migration which frequently degenerate into racial debates that I don’t want to encourage on my channel. Did my best to be objective.

I for one think the UK is better off staying. Sure, they can continue negotiating their special status and all that but leaving would do a lot more harm than good to the confidence people have in them IMO. And these days, pretty much everything (starting with the currency of the country) is confidence-driven to a very large degree. An exit could cause quite a few headaches… to put it mildly.

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  1. Moe Says:

    UK is better off staying in the EU ONLY IF they want to be ruled by an un0elected bureaucracy from Brussels.

    Doesn’t ANYBODY remember the Enlightenment ?

    Guess not 🙁

    Back into bondage we will go


  2. MoveOn Says:

    “An exit could cause quite a few headaches… to put it mildly.”
    For whom?

    The UK is not there to support the bloated EU plutocracy-agents, with the sound economics’ principles long forgotten and the social experiments rampant…