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Are There Any New gTLD Domaining Success Stories Yet?

Posted on 12 September 2014 by Andrei

Have any of you heard at least one success story about a domainer who did very well with new gTLDs yet? Yes, I know, it’s still too early to draw conclusions but I would have expected at least a few decent success stories by now.

My case study can kinda-sorta be considered a start, since I’m already at break even and I know of a few other domainers who are in a similar position.

What I haven’t heard however is a success story along the lines of “wow, I can’t believe how well this guy did” or in other words, an example of a domainer who did remarkably well with new gTLDs.

Breaking even at this point isn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, but it’s hardly something worth getting excited about.

Now sure, we have examples such as the 50k Dot Estates sale that received coverage a while ago but those are isolated incidents. I’d be far more thrilled about an example of a domainer who had at least a few sales.

Something more consistent, in other words.

I for one can’t remember any such examples but maybe you guys can help. If you know someone who did remarkably well (hey, maybe it’s you), feel free to post a comment or shoot me an email at if you’d like to publish a guest post.

For new gTLDs to be taken seriously from a domaining perspective, we need results and while a few examples of domainers who broke even after a couple of months are better than nothing, it’s just not enough.

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  1. Lennard Says:

    I only had one sale so far and one inquiry on new gTLD sold for $400
    inquiry on but nothing came of it so far.

  2. Leonard Britt Says:

    While one should not take speculative risks with the mere objective of breaking even, IMO breakeven is going to be a better than typical result for most new TLD portfolios over the next five years.

  3. phil Says:

    I know of several successful resales! in the mid xxxx range.

  4. No...and there never will be Says:

    Trick question, right? Clearly, the answer is no…and there never will be. The gtlds suck bbq’d weenie dogs. They are so stupid and backasswards, no one wants them, let alone trying to get someone to pay for them. They are .mobi but in 2014.

  5. Phil Says:

    There have been several resold in the mid xxxx

  6. Majic Man Says:

    Can’t see them ever catching on with the .com mainstream.

    Uphill battle and impossible to win.

  7. GTLD Showcase Says:

    Just stumbled on this :

  8. Kconan Says:

    The problem is the general public only think dot-com, and perhaps dot-org for non-profits. Its also kind of confusing for them to have so many different TLDs.

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