An end-user prospecting strategy you may have overlooked

Posted on 25 May 2018 by NamePros Daily

Today: How to register a domain name forever / Parking Revenue Exposed / How GDRP will affect outbound domain sales / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today: Sold for $31,000 – It’s a nice five digit sale, but shouldn’t three letter .com’s be selling for way more than that? There seems to be a lot of three letter .com’s going for a fraction of what they used to.

VOD video on domain discussion and showcase – Is anyone else investing into the VOD video niche? Check out what others are doing and compare your notes with like-minded investors.

StickShift dot Com – I like driving stick shifts, do you? If you are familiar with them then you can probably see some potential here. What would you say this domain is worth?

Parking Revenue Exposed – Wow! Things have changed a lot in the last decade. Remember when parking domains were the hottest thing to do to generate good income? According to these reports, you may be lucky to earn a dollar.

An end-user prospecting strategy you may have overlooked – Have you ever prospected a potential end-user like this before? It seems like a very good approach that could render big rewards.

How to register a domain name forever – Do you know anyone who has registered a domain name for life? Is it even possible or is there a strict 10-year limit?

GDPR: US news sites unavailable to EU users over data protection rules – Is it just me or is this starting to sound like the EU is working towards blocking all international news sources in order to keep their citizens only watching pre-approved news outlets locally?

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