Categorized | General Stuff Sells @ $300 Million

Posted on 27 August 2012 by Andrei

Whenever a website that has a great domain sells, I think it’s good news for our industry and $300 million is a pretty good deal for the buyer in my opinion. IAC paid the New York Times $300 million for, $110 million less than what the New York Times paid for it back in 2005.

The site makes approximately $10,000,000 per quarter if I’m not mistaken so all in all, I’d say it’s a decent deal for the buyer. IAC has a very interesting acquisition strategy, hope everything works out for them.

I always liked the fact that has quality content compared to other informational sites with the same business model. IAC bought a huge website in 2012 at less than what it sold for 7 years ago. Not bad, not bad at all.

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