5 More Hidden Domaining Gems [Guest Post]

Posted on 16 July 2013 by Andrei

Here are some more underrated tools for domaining and development (if you didn’t read the previous guest post, here it is):

RenewalCodes.com – Never pay full price to register or renew a .com at Go Daddy. Same with .net and .org renewals. This blog, DomainShane, TNTNames and DomainPicks are also great places to find these coupon codes.

Cax.com Sales Strip – I’m on the Cax bandwagon again but they have a lot of features that none of the others have. Most think of parked pages, sale pages or developed sites as the options for their domains. But there’s a hybrid option. After you list a domain with Cax, you can click “Parking” at the top of the sales page. Change your nameservers and then choose the frame option. A strip is displayed at the top of the screen saying “You can buy or rent [domain] – Click here if interested.” In the frame below it you can load whatever webpage or picture you want. This works great if you already have a site developed but want to sell it. If it’s a generic keyword domain with some type-in’s you can send them to an affiliate link and still let them know it’s for sale with the strip at the top.

Dotomator – A sweet little tool for generating brand name ideas. It will also check if the domains are available to register. It worked best for me checking a max of 100 domains at a time.

Montastic – These guys are crazy to make this tool available for free but I’m not going to tell them that. It constantly monitors your websites and sends you email alerts as soon as one of them goes down (and also when they come back up). You can also use it to get alerted when the site for a domain you want to buy shuts down. Then make them an offer or backorder it if it’s going to expire…

ChangeDetection.com – Another great free alert tool. I use it to monitor webpages with links to mine. If the page changes and your link is removed it’s time to investigate and see what happened. Email them if there’s a technical reason or misunderstanding and ask them to add it back.

This post was written by domainer Matthew Crowder. His domains are listed over at BuyNamez.com.

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  1. David Says:

    Thanks for the link and mention! 🙂

  2. LOVELOGO Says:

    Thanks for the mention of our coupon site RenewalCodes. We’ll be sure to add your domain marketplace on one of our upcoming infographics.