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Did You Register Any .Investments, .Fund, .Tax, .Cash or .Haus Domains?

Posted on 20 August 2014 by Andrei

Only Dot Investments caught my attention but the registry has chosen a registration fee that’s let’s say on the high side (you can get a dot com for 10 years at that price) and as a domainer, I for one don’t see enough upside.

For this reason, I didn’t register any domains today.

As far as the other extensions are concerned, Dot Fund has a fairly small pool of investment grade domains in my opinion and the same thing goes for Dot Cash.

As far as Dot Tax is concerned, as Mike Berkens pointed out earlier today, it’s a term that’s better suited on the left of the dot and furthermore, the fact that similar extensions (such as dot accountant) exist isn’t good news from a domaining standpoint.

Dot Haus (“Haus” = “house” in German) might do ok but my experience with German domains is limited, so I’d rather not articulate an opinion.

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  1. JamesT Says:

    Sorry, can’t be bothered, the gtld’s are just for gamblers now.

  2. Lennard Says:

    nope i am shortly out of .cash

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