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Arrogance or Humility?

Posted on 22 December 2013 by Andrei

As time passes and people start becoming better at the thing(s) they do for a living (domaining, running businesses or anything else), I’ve noticed that they go through one of the following types of changes: some become arrogant and start developing some kind of a sense of superiority, while some become more and more humble because they’re grateful for what they have and understand just how fortunate they are to be alive in 2013.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself which category you fit in.

If it’s the first one, start changing your attitude while you still can.

Arrogance makes you weak, it makes you vulnerable.

You might feel great now but the false sense of confidence being arrogant instills generates unbelievably dangerous long-term repercussions.

Be humble.

I assure you that in one of the world’s many poor countries, there are people far smarter than you or me who ended up dying because they couldn’t afford a cheap vaccine or cheap medicine.

Now I’m not saying you don’t deserve credit for your accomplishments.

You do.

But taking things too far and becoming arrogant is a huge mistake, one a lot of people are unfortunately guilty of.

Don’t be one of them, just don’t.

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  2. Tony Says:

    Great post. And so true. Thank you.

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