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Ask Lord Brar – Should You “Fool Around” with Your Domains? Must Read Mindset Information Inside.

Posted on 18 April 2008 by Lord Brar

Develop Your Domains

Blank Czech, using Ask Lord Brar service, asks:

If I have a good domain, do you think it’s worth fooling around with if it’s my first real domain? Or do you think I should try and make a long term (>3 months) development plan for the domain. It currently gets 20-30 hits a month.

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Ask Lord Brar – When is the “Right Time” to Sell Your Website or Your Domain?

Posted on 14 April 2008 by Lord Brar

Right Time

Got a Domaining Question? Ask Lord Brar.

Art Deco — while referring to my Domaining Strategy and Domain Development posts — asks:

Quoting a wise man “I keep an excel file with weekly details of how much traffic did the site get and how much money did it make from various revenue channels. If both don’t increase consistently, I know I need to get moving to grow these figures.”

With some sites it just seems like they plateau at a certain volume – maybe a 100 uniques/ month, maybe a few 1000 uniques/ month, but never enough to actually profit by either affiliates or ad cents clicks – and then they they just don’t grow much more.

It is hard to know whether to put some more time or money into them or sell them and move on. That’s what I was talking about – some way of judging what the potential of a URL is, and how many times to submit it, or add content to it, or let it be.

I assume you have to have enough domains running through your system that you develop some or list some for sale every day or every week, so when do you decide this domain is not worth holding?

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