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Publishing Another Book Soon(ish), Need Some Help :)

Posted on 27 September 2017 by Andrei

Hey guys,

My new book is *almost* ready for the spotlight!

However, I do want it to go through at least another round of editing and in the meantime, some feedback/opinions from you guys would be nice.

If you’d like a free copy, simply write a comment (and I’ll send an email to the email address you’ve used when writing the comment in question) or shoot me an email at

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Comments (1)… ‘please buy me’ owners of .VIP .Work .Law and everyone favourite .Horse

Posted on 12 September 2017 by Graham Haynes

Mind and Machines (MMX)  are the evangelists for new gTLDs and own the good .VIP .Law .London, the bad .Garden .Luxe and the very ugly .Horse, are up for sale.

Famously MMX’s founder Antony Van Couvering told Godaddy and other registrars at a conference that MMX didn’t need them.
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Bitcoins, Domains, Terrorism & Hurricanes.

Posted on 10 September 2017 by Graham Haynes

If you ever want an example of how the news dictates our thinking, Hurricane Irma and Harvey are your touch stones.
Think of the biggest weather disaster in the last 14 days and most would think of the two hurricanes hitting the US but both pale into insignificance to the recent Moonson floods in South Asia, death toll now over 1,200, 1.5 million buildings destroyed, 10s thousands of schools and hospitals have gone and 40 million people affected. It hardly gets a mention on the mainstream news in Europe or US.
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Domaining and… Entitlement

Posted on 07 September 2017 by Andrei

The fact that DomainSherpa is saying goodbye is awful news for the industry. I haven’t interacted with Mike all that much but when I have, he always struck me as a great guy with awesome work ethic.

Our first interaction involved him asking me if I want to hop on for an interview (I think this was during year #1 of DomainSherpa) but back then, I was very insecure about not being a native English speaker and afraid that people who were used to my good writing would be disappointed by the imperfections of my accent and stuff like that. Very funny to remember these things in light of the fact that I guess I’m among other things a vlogger nowadays, with me recording myself 3x per week over at my channel… ah, the weird ironies of life 🙂

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Why “New gTLD Spotting” Is Pointless

Posted on 06 September 2017 by Andrei

Since I’m now working really hard on my channel, I tend to pay more attention to the let’s call it business side of YouTube and recently, I’ve noticed that two HUGE YouTubers (Rhett and Link, 12 million subscribers!) are using the domain Mythical.Store to sell merchandise.

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