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Will New gTLDs Have Reseller Market Potential?

Posted on 18 February 2014 by Andrei

Well, it depends.

You see, there will be lots of extensions and since there’s only so much reseller market liquidity, figuring out which domains have reseller market potential won’t be easy.

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Let’s Talk About “Trophy Domains”

Posted on 17 February 2014 by Andrei

In my opinion, this topic isn’t receiving the attention it deserves despite the fact that a lot of domainers frequently make the mistake of exuberantly and recklessly bidding on trophy domains.

What are trophy domains?

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Comments (2) Is 6 Years Old!

Posted on 16 February 2014 by Andrei

Time sure does fly!

On the 31st of January 2008, the previous owner of DomainingTips published the first post and approximately 18 months later, I bought the blog from him and embarked on a journey I was very excited about. The rest, as they say, is history 🙂

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4 GoDaddy Discount Codes

Posted on 15 February 2014 by Andrei

I’ll be sharing 4 GoDaddy coupons with you guys today, two of them should work internationally (so not just for customers from the US or Canada) and as far as the other two are concerned, I’m not sure. They might work internationally as well but I’m not as sure as with the first two.

Didn’t use any of them myself, so I can’t guarantee they will work.

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How Many Domainers Actually Know How to Negotiate?

Posted on 14 February 2014 by Andrei

Ask yourself the following question and be honest when answering:

When an end user contacts you or when you’re negotiating with another domainer, do you act based on pretty much nothing more than your intuition/gut feeling or do you use strategies that have efficiency-related research behind them in a consistent manner?

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Dot Coms vs. New gTLDs – The Main Advantage + Disadvantage in Each Case

Posted on 13 February 2014 by Andrei

Today, I’d like to refer to what I consider the main advantage/disadvantage of dot coms as well as to the main advantage/disadvantage of new gTLDs. Again, this is just an opinion, nothing more.

The “dot coms vs new gTLDs” comparison is extremely complex and there are a lot of variables involved, I will try to refer to as many of them as possible in the future but for today, I’ll just focus on what I consider the main advantage + disadvantage in each case.

Nothing more, nothing less.

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Get Rid of the “If Only I Would Have” Mentality

Posted on 12 February 2014 by Andrei

If only I would have invested in domains back in 1996.

If only I would have bought some xyz stocks when they were 50x cheaper.

If only I would have… you get the point.

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Staying in Shape – Avoiding a Vicious Circle

Posted on 11 February 2014 by Andrei

Think this topic doesn’t belong on a domaining blog?

Think again.

This is something that affects all of you because what most domainers don’t understand is that from a health perspective, what we do for a living is quite dangerous. It may sound weird since, after all, it’s not like we’re involved in extreme sports, activities which involve explosions and so on.

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Psychological Pricing for Reseller Market Sales?

Posted on 10 February 2014 by Andrei

When selling to end users, I agree that psychological pricing makes sense. Lots of studies have proven that if you price something at for example $1.99 as opposed to $2, consumers will perceive the price as being closer to $1 despite the fact that it’s actually just a cent away from the 2 dollar value.

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Reseller Market ROI vs. End User ROI

Posted on 09 February 2014 by Andrei

If you’re selling a domain on the reseller market and double your money, you did well. Yet as strange as it may seem, the same thing cannot be said if your business model revolves around passive end user sales.

Why? I’ll try to explain.

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